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  1. No idea, but i have some great news! I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance! Oh and the pond swoop is this weekend. Oh ya! Ya gonna compete? No choking this time! You know your good at rip'n that pond. By now you've been in enough comps to shake the comp anxiety and have fun swoop'n pond. Am I right? Get U some bro! And tell your Russian friend that also wears yellow and the crome helmet that Crazy Larry says have a good time and rip it up! And to Pya, get some water this time girl and I mean just on her toes yo! and if you see the fat man and his lipy wife, tell them I miss their hospitality. Going to the dentist right now and then to wrap up some tour gear, Later Lipy wife here ! Ya know Larry I didn't think anyone could ruin the great day I was having today but then again I trusted you, crazy aint it ! (no pun intended) Just to set the record straight I don't believe that you are banned from the Ranch. I don't recall you stabbing Billy or Joe in the back as you did us in your dramatic exit. As a matter of fact I'd like to invite you back to the Ranch (don't go thinking this is a job offer you definately torched that bridge) but sure come back, not only do I invite you, I dare you! And please dont go calling us again thinking we'd like to hear from you, the scars you left still haven't healed, that's what happens when ya stick the knife in so deep. LIPY ? I wont ask why Lipy and why not MY Name since your all about name owning. Beacuse if I ask then you might think I care about your response and I dont. I also wont get into my husbands name since he is sleeping right now and when he finds out I responded to your post oddly enough he will probably get pissed at me for wasting my time but I trust (something you dont understand) he'll get over it. And knowing him as I do (I'm not speaking for him) but I'd bet he would dare ya to visit the ranch too.. I feel sorry for you that you confuse honesty with "lipy"..... "miss our hospitality" ...why wouldnt you... I'm sure you do...we opened our lives to you, our home our business the whole shebang we trusted you. If only we had checked referrals first, oh right we didn't ask for any we trusted you. You shouldnt call us "fat man and lipy wife" you should call us dumb and dumber !!! But again please dont call, but please do come to the ranch. FYI: after the shock and awe of your exit strategy we called the people you had worked for before us to find we werent your first bridge torched! You should slow down there arent that many dropzones in this country ya gonna run out and all you will have left is your surf wax and fishing pole. You should update your name to crazyL the BT (Bridge Torcher) Hey Crackerman, I don't care if your hiding you name, Just know you are wasting your time because only realy men and women admitt their mistakes! Sure CrazyL "owns his name" he is crazy ! And I dont mean cutesy fun to be around kookie crazy. I mean crazy like sneaky backstabbing insanity!!! This is only my own personal experience with him I cant speak for the rest of the world, however ahhh nevermind ...... Hey Dan, he is talking about Andrei Too all the people who read this forum to learn something: I apologize if you feel you wasted your time reading what I have written thinking ya didn't learn anything. I really have no place posting on a swoop forum since I dont swoop. However if you have read what I wrote I believe you have learned something, sorry if it wasnt about swooping. Signed (my real name) Donna Marshall Bayrasli
  2. Hey there Rigglet ! I'm heading to the shop now, stop buy later !!!!
  3. Don't frost your mug yet we still need to win on Monday !!!! oh yeah BTW we do sell long sleeve tees & performance fleece at the PRO shop!!! LOL
  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! HE MADE THE FINALS !!! (AND YES I AM SCREAMING!!!!!) Don't forget to sent your recording devices for Sonic shaking his ass in live TV Mon Oct 6th Love, Donna
  5. Okay the polls are now closed according to the rules of the contest, I've done as much as I can, assuming Sonic made it to the finals with all of your help the rest is up to him to shake that ass !!!! Thanks again to all & goodnight !!!! Donna
  6. I'm so sorry to be clogging up the forum less then 4 mins to register and vote I'll be stopping any minute now, Thanks again for all your help!!!! Donna
  7. Less then 10 mins to register and vote...Boobs keeps knocking me off the front page of the forum, I just voted over there I'm hoping to see boobs vote over here LOL I think I'm loosing my mind right now while Sonic is snorrrring away !!! Thanks again everyone !!!!


    I just voted for you now please visit the Sonic Skydiving thread for details on how to vote for him, thanks ! less then 10 min to vote, thanks !
  9. OK everyone it's almost over less then 15 mins to vote, clickety click everyone and just think I'll stop posting at 11:59 pm!!! Thanks Again !!!
  10. Thanks for not hurting him! and thanks for your support! Donna
  11. My shameless attempt to keep this thread on the front page of the forums is almost over, I'll be stopping soon, the voting ends at 11:59pm, Dont forget to tune in tmrw morning to Live with Regis and Kelly to see if all your help has worked, come on who doesnt want to watch my silly husband dance on live TV !!! Thanks again, Donna
  12. 30 mins left to register and vote... Thanks again to all !!! Donna
  13. Ok, less then an hour to go !!! Thanks again to all that have helped !!!! Lets keep up with the clickety click !!! Thanks, Donna