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  1. Does anyone have a Nano 126 in a UPT V306 (or packed one)? I am aware of what the UPT website says (and that Nano 126 is not there for the V306) but I'm curious if anyone actually has it or has packed it. (also does anyone know the pack volume of a nano 126? I cannot find it on any pack volume charts I found) Thanks, be safe
  2. ________________________________________________ Thank you for your post , appreciated …. Actually I don’t want to change any law , I have just try to communicate something ….. As I was write in that thread ( quote : “…. This are just easy Aerodynamics concepts … the real new think introduce with atmonauti is the application of this concepts to human body ! The representation on the sketches is indicative … “ ) , was an attempt to communicate this thing , and I consider a shame that for some imperfection or something that can be improve , you want put all the matter in the trash …. I will be more for catch the concept , if it is good , and help to improve the system in case there are some bugs , but this is just my opinion …. I have never impose this sketchs as new science ... they was indicative for skydivers try to communicate them , this new interesting thing compared with other existing things . that’s it …. I’m just happy that now a lot and always more enjoy atmo … I think also correct and important , define it as it was since the beginning : Atmonauti or of course Atmonaut in English , that just mean Atmosphere Navigators ( no so bad definition I think ) , this also to avoid confusion , especially now with a lot of definitions of the same thing …. Hoping you can understand my point of view , I confirm myself open to all the critiques, knowing very well do not be perfect , with the unique aim to improve. Ciao and thanks again ________________________________________________ paragraphs man. start to utilize paragraphs. i call them 'atmo-graphs'. i invented them
  3. molto grazie for your contributions to skydiving (i'm serious). but you can come back in another 5 years to try to rewrite the laws of physics with your 'science' (and i use that term loosely; very loosely);search_string=atmonauti;#2153635 good luck w/ that.
  4. you will be missed. thanks for everything rod.
  5. "Till then I think I'll concentrate more on the transitions and only hold the "head down" position for some seconds and then go back to sit." i agree w/ that school of thought. regarding the headdown exits. If you don't know how to fly head down yet, then stick w/ simple sit exits. exit the plane in a calm manner (w/o stress of trying something you don't really know how to do yet). Then, once you are out there, you can collect your thoughts, get a good ref point and work on a couple transitions (sit to head via 1/2 cartwheel). perhaps plan for only 2 transition attempts. if you get a third, consider it a bonus. 1 good attempt is far more valuable than multiple attempts in one jump if you are rushing (and, during skydiving, we are always rushing a little at least, because we are constantly running out of time) if you exit headdown (before you know how to fly headdown), then you'll go out (for example holding on to somebody). you'll be sorta headdown maybe, although not flying it because...once the other person let go, one goes unstable and recovers in a sit anyway. then, all that's been accomplished is that you've lost time before you can gain your bearings again. (hey, if you try a headdown exit when just beginning headdown and you nail it, then you are a natural and don't bother reading this thread ;-) w/ that said, of course there is some 'experimentation' value of trying to exit headdown, but i think most people learn quicker and the jumps are significantly more productive with exiting in an easy, familiar manner. and there's my two cents, for whatever its worth. max
  6. thanks. i was confused also. mystery solved. i'll consider changing my last name.
  7. sure, of course its wise to know how to pack, even for those who choose to use a packer regularly. the reality is of course that some people just don't want to pack and don't know how. not recommended. but, i tell new skydivers (and sometimes for experienced) who don't really know how to pack (or sorta know how but can't really complete the job) they should know how to pack (even if they always use a packer) for two reasons: 1) safety/gear knowledge of how the system works, etc..etc..(the obvious important issue about knowing how to pack (a general overview is better than nothing) 2) and sooner or later, you are going to land off the dz, way off the dz (not near a road). and assuming you are with a few other skydivers, they will most likely pack up their gear there so they don't have to lug the unpacked rig around on a hike (use a shoelace if there is no pull up cord). and you'll be the jackass that is carrying the unopened parachute around as your arm/shoulder go numb and your ego is bruised. (esp if you let the 'not knowing how to pack' issue go in the hundreds (or thousands) of jumps. that can't be a flattered moment. **no reason to get into a pissing match 'not knowing how to pack' = 'poor freefall/canopy skills'. its just kinda pathetic. **edited for spelling :-)
  8. "See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." -- George W. Bush, Greece, N.Y., May 24, 2005 "exit...stage left''--snagglepuss play nice, i'll take a look at this thread in the bonfire forum around easter to see if anything acutally materialized
  9. -------------------------------------------------------- No this thread isnt dead, I'm on holiday deer hunt'n. ----------------------------------------------------------- I’m glad there is wireless in your tree stand. Or are you hunting deer with with broken shards of carbon fiber from your past victims’ helmets? ------------------------------------------------------- I'll race you just like this vertifly 'kid', Name the place, price,ect. ----------------------------------------------------- There's a baseball diamond where our little league has its games, about a mile from here. We meet there around two-thirty in the morning, dressed all in black, your hair in a black stocking, and we have us a knife fight, we won't be bothered.. ------------------------------------------------------ How many times did i smoke you in the past? ------------------------------------------------------ many, many times. Oh, I’m sorry, I misread that question. I thought there was a ‘with’ before ‘you’. ----------------------------------------------------- Just know, just like the rest,...I'll let you leave with your lives, but your helmets belong to me. Ace's & 8's. Call you sponsor, and start an order for a new one, if your step'n into this arena. "Two men enter, ONE man leaves." ---------------------------------------------------------- I’ll pass, but thanks. I concede defeat in advance. I wasn’t that good at the indy 500 even back in the day. Here is a random example: (check me out pimping it in 8th place!) 1st place: Olav Zipser - $3,000 2nd place: Colon Berry - $1,500 3rd place: Alaska John - $750 4th place: Mike Ortiz, Steve Utter 5th place: Filippo Fabbi, John Matthew 6th place: Mike Swanson, Rob Romey, Mago Tannino, Rook Nelson 7th place: Davide Zanni, Larry Kerschenbaum, Ed Mace, Janine Hill, Kunsta Hietaneu, Bruce Graybill 8th place : Kevin Sabarese, Max Cohn, Riccardo Giandoso, Russ Wylie, Ace Buhr, Stefania Martinengo, John Shoffner, Deven Cruson 9th place : Dave Padyjasek, John Skinner, Tim Wardensky, Tony Morral, Pablo Jimenez, Joe Josephs, Jim Oreilly
  10. phew...i was starting to think this thread was dead. i didn't know what to do with myself for entertainment in between poker games. how are we going to fit the poker table in the plane? we need a skyvan or a casa w/ a light load. a c130 will work also i guess. i'll have a chat about that w/ billy this weekend.
  11. Sure it's not "Shake and Bake"? ------------------------------------------- i dunno...the old 'check-raise' could be in play here....
  12. the ranch in NY has no cc fees for fun jumpers and never has (at least for the 13 years i've been jumping there).