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  1. [shrug] i tried. but the boobs thread doesnt seem to be going over too well.
  2. Brittentay


    oh c'mon guys. its not like im the first person to use the boobs trick! and it got you to open the thread didn't it??? and Sarah is reeeaaaalllly deserving!!!
  3. Brittentay


    you wish you were that lucky now VOTE!
  4. bring them on adventures with your crazy fun friends
  5. Brittentay

    BOOOBS go vote for Sarah Child! or at least read her 'testimony' and then vote
  6. NO seriously guys. sarah is more deserving of this than any person I've ever know. at least go read her testimony!!!!
  7. Your girlfriend? ...psh [vote in]
  8. Let me just say I'm surprised I remember as much of that night as I do, considering how much I drank. I keep thinking of things I could bring up, that are just way too inappropriate to post here. and that makes me laugh harder.
  9. i'm pretty sure i like your wife more than i like you and i bet i could guess what you changed it to do the words 'ice dildo' mean anything to you?
  10. lol, its just me guys no need to get all excited sent you the pic, Andy
  11. poor kid. now wheres the pictures of those adorable kids all dressed up in their Easter best?
  12. yes and easter sunday and no holiday pay but it means i have an excuse not to attend services!!!
  13. Oh, I think it's more plastic-y and aluminum-y than irony, myself I also agree that text messaging and constant email are reducing the perceived need for eloquence. Pity, that. Wendy W. very true, but in this case i really think the misspelling of the word 'exceptions' is more annoying than the lack of eloquence