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  1. CrazyL

    Closing loop tension

    I assume your talking about the main closing loop. Read the manual and/or call the manufacturer. Learn how to make a closing loop, and know the type (name) of the line that the manufacturer recommends. Know how to tie the knot and install proper washer. Know when to replace the closing loop regardless of how many jumps are on it. The loop and the rubber bands are the 2 things that you (the end user) will be replacing from time to time without rigger supervision. Be good at it. If your freeflying, get a gear check by the highly experienced freefliers. Pin pressure should exceed the pressure it takes for the freefall wind speed to blow your bridle out from under the side flap and/or BOC and pull the pin. Scenario: Flying back to earth or butt down the pin cover flap blows open, bridle and pin get a heavy dose of 120mph+ wind beating. The wind whipping the bridle is what can pull the pin if the pin pressure is loose. You should have a curved pin on the main bridle, it'll pull in any direction. Brilliant innovation. On some rigs the bridle under the side flap is loose, the bridle is only sort of wedged up under the side flap anyway. You want the bridle that is tucked under the side flap to have pressure on it created from wedging the bridle up under the side flap till there is sufficient pressure (usually no higher than half the main container). So what if your pin was pulled while you're on your back arms and legs toward the sky and your pilot chute is still in the BOC? Gnarly horseshoe malfunction! Shorten the closing loop to be as tight as you can and still close the container, close the pin cover flap and do a pull test on the ground. There is much more to learn concerning loops, pins, bridle, boc, p/c, h/c, and aad choices for crw, rw, ff, cp, scr, scs,and zoo loads. Choose 'freefly friendly' gear. I took my Infinity to 246mph last month. Most gear is certified to go no faster than 150knots, close to 170mph. I would'nt want incidental main deployment at any freefall speeds. My pin pressure is tight.
  2. CrazyL

    nationals camera ?

    Do your comp dates interfere with the skysurf comp, 'cause i'm interested but it absolutely cannot interfere with my skysurf game.
  3. CrazyL

    Has anyone jumped a Tomcat?

    call Tony suits in Zephyrhills Florida ask for Tony
  4. CrazyL

    Mamba Evaluation

    Wow, you sound very impressed. How many jumps did you do on the Mamba and the Pilot at the event?
  5. yes, suitable meaning .8 to 1 to 1.5 to 1 max.
  6. CrazyL

    Aerodyne Smart Reserve -120 into RSK1

    Contact both manufacturers.
  7. CrazyL

    Byron Reopening

    Happy New Year Mad John! Party like Byron does? Sounds like a helluva good time! Enjoy the cheese baskets, sweets, and booz!
  8. CrazyL

    Hot glue smell after 1st jump

    Have experienced heightened senses due to major adrenaline rush. Rarely happens but has happened on a few occasions. Upon landing after an unbelievable senseless act the air smells and tastes sweeter, colors dense, body buzz'n. Pure adrenaline from within has had the most affect on the senses, no doubt. Has happened when the holy freak'n sh*** can't believe it happened and i made it type of experience. Hot glue? Had a buddy smelled burning nylon upon landing. He had struck a wall 6 times landed sitting up concious and broken. His container had melted a bit during his wall strikes and talus slide. He made it!