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  1. Honestly... I've never had a feeling of dread about finding anything. I've just thought that it would be a bonus feature to collect my stuff.
  2. labrys

    Question about disciplines

    My personal preferences changed a lot as I learned more and more about skydiving. I started out thinking that RW looked tedious, but I gave it a shot and discovered that I loved it. My suggestion is that you make a goal of getting your license and becoming a competent jumper. Try some solos and see how you really feel. Try a few RW jumps... you may find that it's a hell of a lot more fun than you think it is. Spend some time in the sport and get exposed to the stuff people are doing. If accuracy sounds appealing to you, make it a goal to become as accurate as possible on every landing starting on jump #1. That'll set you up for taking it seriously as a discipline and if you realize that the discipline doesn't really appeal as much as you thought it did, you've still practiced a valuable skill. There's never any harm in being good at landing where you want to, right? It's fine to think about what you want to do, but there's not a lot to be gained in speculation at this point. It takes *hundreds* of jumps just to *start* getting good at something. I have almost 1000 jumps now and I've only tried to sit fly 3 or 4 times. I'm looking forward to giving it some time and effort now that I've achieved some of my RW goals.
  3. labrys

    Reserve characteristics?

    My guess is that unless there's someone out there who either test jumps different reserves or really enjoys demoing reserves, this isn't an easy question to answer. Most people don't have enough reserve deployments to have enough statistical data to compare the opening characteristics. ETA, the type of mal you have is also going to affect the opening of the reserve (spinning, terminal, etc) Modern reserves meet their TSO requirements. That's really all that matters in my opinion. One standard 7-cell reserve is probably going to handle much like any other 7-cell reserve
  4. labrys

    Just finished ground school!

    I'd suggest not reading too much ahead if you're already overwhelmed by the information you have now. Let your instructors introduce new material as it pertains to each new skill you learn. If you *must* read something, start here: And have FUN
  5. labrys

    How to start a team?

    In my opinion, the best way to do it is to find someone with experience to explain the rules and jump with you and coach you as a group. Oh.. and you'll probably get better advice if you ask this question in the RW or FF specific forums depending on what kind of team you guys want to form)
  6. labrys

    The Death of a Boogie

    I think this is exactly the reason.
  7. labrys

    cost and experience

    It costs a bit to get licensed and buy gear. After that, the average price of a jump ticket once you're settled in is about $25.00 in the US. If you want really want to base, budget for it. Better yet, just go make that first jump and then worry about how much it costs and whether or not you actually want to keep at it.
  8. labrys

    BASE jumping radio antanae

    The folks over at might be more informed as a group
  9. labrys

    Go Pro video

    Why does it have to be a GoPro? What's up with that?
  10. labrys

    Tandem competing

    Can't the person who mentioned it to you tell you more?
  11. labrys

    FAI Indoor Skydiving

    I don't think that the FAI should be involved with wind tunnels
  12. labrys

    help for skydiver's widow...

    Send an email or call Tell them what you said here. They'll help you figure it out. They can inspect the gear, give you an honest estimate, and probably even help you sell it to someone appropriate.
  13. labrys

    fabrics for suit

    Suit fabric choice is about fall rate adjustment, not freefall style. Choose an appropriate style of suit for the type of jumping you'll be doing, then choose the fabric to help give you a good, average range of fall rates so that you can stay with others in free fall. Make sense? For example, if you're a fast faller you would want to present softer, baggier material like polycotton to the relative wind. If you're a slow faller then tighter nylon material would be better.
  14. You've pretty much reaching the salient point in that it doesn't really matter how many jumps are on a main compared to its condition. It matters what the condition of the main is. Something with 500 jumps that has been neglected and exposed to bad conditions won't have the same lifespan as something with 1000 jumps that's been well cared for in a good environment. So why are you worried about the actual number of jumps more than the actual condition of the canopy?