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  1. TL;DR. Hope you've been educated about the complete ignorance of that statement by now. Owned by Remi #?
  2. Did G W Bush attend the funeral(s) of any service member while he was in office? I do not know. However, I do think it should be part of this type of discussion. JerryBaumchen He did. Fail. Just admit it. Owned by Remi #?
  3. I agree personally, but there are *a lot* of people who don't jump who could easily say the same thing to their family or loved ones just because they chose to jump. It's an added risk that a lot of people don't agree with or understand. I'm not ready to make such harsh judgement calls about what safety gear another jumper chooses to use. It's all relative. Owned by Remi #?
  4. Yes, our tax dollars at work. We *need* people to build and improve on non-carbon based transportation. We reward early adopters with $7500 tax breaks to encourage people to buy electric cars because they are expensive relative to baseline transportation. If no one buys the cars and puts them through the paces, the design flaws and common issues would never be fixed... It's how we invest in our future. With our tax dollars. Owned by Remi #?
  5. labrys


    You needed Facebook to figure out that your GF was out of town when she conceived a child? You couldn't just figure that out on your own? Seriously? Owned by Remi #?
  6. having a piece of Velcro on your hackey just screams "another way to have a premature opening" Owned by Remi #?
  7. I didn't get the impression that he was ordering custom, but rather than he wants to buy a rig and he isn't quite sure what container size he needs. Owned by Remi #?
  8. Yeah... class five rapids.... right there next to that parking lot where the tandems land. Remember? Owned by Remi #?
  9. Have you been there? Owned by Remi #?
  10. I agree with the others. Without knowing the age of the gear and the options it's impossible to know if the deal is a good. A relatively new Vector with magnetic riser covers, a Skyhook, spacer foam, a hook knife, an articulated harness, etc might be a good deal at 2100. A brand new Wings with similar options costs about the same. Owned by Remi #?
  11. I don't know who has more, I'd guess Jay. When I started jumping in 2002 Sherry had about 4000. Since every time I've been to the DZ (and that's just about every weekend it's open until last year) I've seen her on practically every load that flies, so I'd guess she's probably got around 7000-8000 minimum by now. She's an active AFF-I and I/E, she's an active Coach and Coach I/E. When she's not doing on of those jobs, she's filming a tandem or getting in a fun jump. Care to explain how that's not being a "real" skydiver? Owned by Remi #?
  12. Who told you? Share your sources, share the details. If you don't, then this comment is complete hot air. Give us some facts. If you don't have any *facts* to share, then you're just as knee deep in the bullshit as everyone else here. Owned by Remi #?
  13. I don't see your complaint. He explained why he posted it, said that he hadn't really processed it yet but found it interesting. What's the problem? Owned by Remi #?
  14. That could be but... wow. I sure hope not. Owned by Remi #?
  15. Didn't he have to make training jumps to get the wings? Owned by Remi #?