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  1. JeffCa

    Cross Connected RSL

    I don't think #4 is actually something that you need to do because of the double-sided RSL, but maybe somebody will correct me. It's just a recommended practice that Jump Shack suggests for *any* RSL. You only have to disconnect if you have a 2-out, before you consider cutting the main. It should also be pointed out that a Racer double-sided RSL can be converted to a single-sided RSL, which eliminates these particular risks (while introducing others that are flaws of "regular" RSLs). It can be done in 2 ways, either in the field by the jumper, or with a modification by a rigger. Contact Jump Shack for details.
  2. JeffCa

    Point Break Remake Trailer

    Watch list!
  3. JeffCa

    Landing Approxymately
  4. JeffCa

    Cloud regs in different countries

    None here in Japan. You'll get holds for many other reasons, though. [remainder of comment deleted in case lawyers really do read]
  5. JeffCa

    SFly Release Ridge Wingsuit

    A wingsuit purely designed for BASE? Off-topic, no?
  6. The Einstein quote in your signature is widely believed to be a fabrication, nobody has been able to find proof that would link it to him. But best of luck to your DZ!
  7. Tokyo Skydiving Club has drastically lowered their ticket prices over the last few years. 20% for single jumps, and over 50% if you buy in bulk. My understanding is it has to do with the ownership of the plane being transferred to the club, or something like that.
  8. JeffCa

    Jumping in Noumea, NC and Tokyo, JP

    I've been posting about Tokyo Skydiving Club here: It's the only DZ in the Tokyo area.
  9. JeffCa

    Tokyo Skydiving Club

    Me! Welcome to the worst country in the developed world to be a skydiver. We're on our only 10-day open stretch of the entire year, and the weather for the first 4 days of it has been so shitty. This after just coming off of the rainy season. The good news is that prices have dropped since some of the old reviews, even more so if you buy in bulk, but for some reason they don't like the exact amounts being published. PM me if you want to know the rates. We have a Caravan that seats 19 jumpers. Jumps from 12,500'. Must pull between 3,000' and 4,500' or so, so no CRW. Hop-n-pops are rare, usually only possible on the first load of the day. We do night jumps once a year, in September. AAD mandatory. Hook turns are severely restricted. Open weekends and holidays mostly, with some scattered weekdays throughout the year. Open all year, except for February when plane goes in for maintenance. We don't have enough plane capacity for the number of jumps people desire, so it's not uncommon to spend the entire day there and get 3-4 jumps in. No packers. Rigging services available, but no master riggers jump with us. They only rig, usually during the week, so can be tough to talk to them. Good views of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo during the cooler months. Lots of fluent English speakers at the DZ, including at least one on regular staff, and a good supply of foreign jumpers. Landing area is spacious (kinda narrow, but long, like a runway) and grass is well maintained. Your profile suggests that you're tiny, so you'll fall well with the Japanese girls, and even some of the men! As far as I know, I'm the only member who posts here, so I guess I'm the one to ask if you have questions. Edit: About 32,000 yen membership dues for a year, which includes third-party liability insurance, death payout, and an amount to cover lost wages (not hospital bills) if you have to be admitted. We are USPA-affiliated, but you don't have to be a member of USPA to jump.
  10. JeffCa

    Wingloading, What is too much?

    Have you looked at the PD sizing chart for Sabre2? It suggests that with your exit weight, you'd have to be an expert jumper to use it. Do you consider yourself to be an expert jumper already? I'm lighter than you by 10kg, have more experience, and I'm using a Pilot 188. Had a downwind landing today (first down sets the pattern and screwed us over) that I wouldn't have wanted to do on a smaller canopy. I'd suggest that if it was you who was doing it on a 150, you'd be in the hospital now. I also arrived at my 188 size after slowly stepping down through sizes one-by-one, 280-260-240-220-210-190-188. I'm passing on the same advice that was given to me. Move through the sizes one at a time, look at the manufacturer recommendations, talk to your instructors about when to move down, etc.
  11. I liked it, except for the poetic statement that we don't care about the odds or the outcome. I very much care about both. I care if I survive the jump, and if skydiving fatalities were 1 in 100 jumps, I most definitely would not be doing it regularly.
  12. JeffCa

    Show Me The Money

    "... student numbers appear to be decreasing at many DZ’s around the country." What are the numbers supporting this?
  13. JeffCa

    YOUR perfect helmet ?!

    I want full-face because I'm protective of my dental work during RW. But the Bonehead Revolve easily-removable face design intrigues me, for jumps that are lower risk. I have a Cookie G3, but would really like it to have the externally-accessible audible pocket like their Fuel model. A removable and washable liner is also ideal. I want more protection for my head, and would be willing to pay a premium to get it. And my perfect helmet would pack my rig for me while I sit back and reflect on the jump.
  14. JeffCa

    Conveniently located tunnels for trip

    I've received a PM suggesting Utah.
  15. World Nomad's travel insurance explicitly covers skydiving and many other "high-risk" activities.