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  1. faulknerwn

    Need Weekend TI Central TX

    Time Left: 26 days and 16 hours

    • WANTED
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    SD Temple in Central Texas is looking for a weekend TI for Sigma or Strong. Please contact us for details. SD Temple 254-947-3483


    Salado, Texas - US

  2. faulknerwn

    Aff footage? Is it frowned apon?

    I give all my students footage of their jumps. I find it helps them improve and learn from the video. Of course sometimes there is a camera problem, but 99% of my students get their footage if they want it.
  3. I know 10-12ish years ago we sold a whole bunch of expired Cypres for cheap to Russians who I assume probably put them in rigs. I know that I have had rigs come in for repack that sat in closets for a long time with Cypres' that were 10 years out of date but turned on and passed all their checks just fine. Would I pack an expired one in the US? Nope. If I lived in Russia or somewhere the rules are a bit more lax would I put one in my rig? Absolutely. I have no AADs in my rigs right now so if I could put cheap ones in - I would not fear that they would harm me - it might not fire if the battery is low or something if I needed it - but I have none now so I figure something is better than nothing. A lot of poorer jumpers in this country and others cannot afford AADs at all so most likely something is better than nothing.
  4. faulknerwn


    I do not know about the part of the world you are in, but I have taught several deaf skydivers without issues, and I know there are a lot out there. Contact dropzones near you and talk to them.
  5. faulknerwn

    Who's going to PIA?

    I intend to at least show up and visit the symposium
  6. faulknerwn

    PIA Symposium

    So I was considering heading up to the PIA symposium for a day but was not sure what day. Looking at their website, they have a list of seminar topics, but nowhere (that I can find) does it talk about what seminars are done on what days/times. This information would be quite handy for deciding about attending! Anyone have a schedule?
  7. faulknerwn

    Email from an attorney .

    I got one of those as well.
  8. faulknerwn

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Because even other people in the audience could not usually hear audience questions, he would normally repeat them himself over the microphone. https://www.facebook.com/betoorourke/?ref=br_rs is his facebook page. If you scroll down you will see thousands of live stream videos
  9. faulknerwn

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Beto O'Rourke - a candidate for senate in Texas - live streams every single town hall he does - just using an iphone and facebook live. These are in rooms of several hundred people or more. Has anyone even tried doing it on something like an iphone to see how well it would work? Even as just a test?
  10. faulknerwn

    EPs: Look up before pulling reserve?

    Mike McGowan (famous videographer) has a video out there where he cut away a pc-in-tow and his main came out and entangled his reserve but unfortunately since the risers were cut away they were out of reach and he could not grab them or affect them. There have been cases each way where cutting away or not cutting away would have been better. I do have a friend though who would be dead if he had cutaway a total. This was probably 20 years ago. Big guy, 50 jumps or so. Had his pc handle squished down into his pouch and could not get it out. Rookie so probably went a bit head low as he was fumbling for it. Gave up and dumped his reserve. It broke 2-3 lines on it (it was a 250ish of some sort). He unstowed his brakes and his reserve collapsed and started streamering. He then got REALLY motivated to find the main handle and did and he got it out and landed the main with a streamered reserve. If he had cutaway the main he would have died.
  11. faulknerwn

    Easiest Stability Exits

    What kind of airplane do you jump?
  12. faulknerwn

    Using a Slink to attach bridle at d-bag?

    There is some company (Aerodyne I think?) that ships their new rigs with slinks to attach the bag with. I have seen one pull through - but it was only routed through once instead of twice - admittedly the way that it is attached on theirs makes it seem like you should only go through once.
  13. faulknerwn

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    I'm glad you said that - I had not seen that. I am going to have to give the jumpers at my Cessna dz a heads up. I wish they would publish these potential changes so that people could chime in with thoughts beforehand. If they do I have not seen it.
  14. faulknerwn

    AFF Level 1 with one instructor?

    We switched to this a few years ago with great success. Our first solo students perform WAY better than when their first jump was solo with two instructors. I have had almost no issues with first solo jumps this way - far less than when we didn't require tandems and had two instructors.
  15. faulknerwn

    Are Earplugs Dangerous to Use in Freefall?

    Maybe I have ear problems or super small ears (I do always wear XS helmets), but I cannot even wear ear plugs in the plane to 14k without having to take them out to clear my ears. I cannot clear my ears with them in. I have skydived with a head cold before (bad idea) and that was nothing compared to the pain I felt in freefall when I accidently wore my ear plugs. I thought I exploded my ears. And for the person who worries about mental clarity - I think that is an individual thing. I do not notice freefall noise. At all. Whether I wear a helmet or not. Maybe I would have when I was a rookie but I have enough experience now that my brain tunes it all out. And my audible to me sounds just as painfully loud to me in freefall as it does on the ground - I would actually prefer to lower the volume... But it definitely sounds like I an exception to the rule!