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  1. JDBoston


    I have jumped at about 14 dropzones around the country and I can say that Jumptown is hands-down the best one I've been to. Big-league people (world record participants walking around doing 2 and 3-ways with low-timers) and facilities (Otter all the time, big nice new hangar with all the amenities), but the best vibe I have ever seen in terms of having fun, looking out for each other, and welcoming new jumpers. It is a very unusual place. I jumped there fulltime for about 2 yrs but then moved out of New England.
  2. JDBoston


    I got a Racer for my first rig and have a Triathlon 190 and a PD 193 in it. I've got a pull-out with the tuck pocket riser covers. One ride on the reserve, which worked as intended and opened VERY quickly... Overall, I was very impressed with the ease of customizing my order (digging up leftover tie-dye scraps to use on it, totally custom-made to my measurements, bungee cord loops on the legstraps, hook knife pouch, dive loops, etc.) and the quality of the craftsmanship that went into the rig. They actually held up delivery for a couple of weeks because they didn't like the way the riser covers turned out and wanted to fine-tune them. I don't think you'd get that kind of attention from some of the bigger manufacturers. It fits great, it works great, customer service was excellent, and I have no complaints.
  3. JDBoston

    Skydive New England

    First off, let me say that I only jumped here on 1 day, but the vibe I got at the place was awesome. Everyone is super laid-back and friendly, and there is a large contingent of relative low-timers that made me (another low-timer) feel very at home. It's beautiful out there in the woods, and the scenery from upstairs is great. The plane climbs fast too. My only regret is that I did not get to stay for the parties, which I hear are kickin'. BUT, a couple things to keep in mind: the landing area is not the greatest. It is long, narrow, bisected by the runway, and the good part on the near side of the runway is (I believe) restricted to C licenses and above. There are trees on all sides throwing off rotors, and it may have just been a weird wind day, but in the 5-6 hours I was there, I saw an inordinate number of people pound in pretty hard on the landings, including some very experienced and competent jumpers. Also, and I'm not making any value judgments one way or the other, I saw some pretty aggressive canopy flying there. The way the winds were blowing, people sometimes had to essentially swoop the spectator area to avoid crossing the runway. One guy clipped a tent. Again, I was only there one day. But I think all data is good data if you're planning on jumping somewhere. That said, I will 100% be back there as soon as I get my own rig (the rental selection is somewhat limited). Next time I will stay for the partying too.