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  1. Yes, the parachute operates seven days a week.
  2. After the in plane interviews were completed a 50-60 Y/O female passenger looked to her TM and said "I don't care what happens when we leave this plane, I just want to get to the ground!" I turned to her and replied "Maam, I personally guarantee that after you exit this airplane you will get to the ground, one way or another!"
  3. Feeblemind

    Pilot 188 owners experience

    I have 900 jumps on pilots:
  4. Gabe, No one here can really provide the answers you seek. The masses here will most likely recommend you discuss gear/canopy choices with your instructors, as they know you best. I will say this however in regards to your canopy "I don't want a pure speed rig, but I don't want a slug either" Learn how to fly the slug first!! Folks that rush with their canopy progression without seeking proper instruction and coaching are prone to breaking themselves. Please take the time to read the canopy articles here: http://www.dropzone.com/safety/Canopy_Control/index.shtml Good Luck and stay safe,
  5. S.IM. 5-2: Recurrency Training Contents: A. Students B. Licensed skydivers C. Changes in procedures D. Long lay-offs A. Students Students who have not jumped within the preceding 30 days should make at least one jump under the direct supervision of an appropriately rated USPA Instructor. I would inquire politely why the DZ requiring the additional level.
  6. Feeblemind

    Help! School Project on Skydiving

    Well are you in high School or College? You have not filled out a profile so you will be considered a "Troll" in most jumpers eyes. If you are truly interested in our sport and what makes us tick, why not travel out to your local drop zone and ask questions in person? If you over 18 (at most DZ's) make a skydive and that will provide even further information. Other than that I would not expect an outpouring of support for your research.
  7. Feeblemind

    Cookie Blackbox HC5/HC7

    No cut out for the eye piece, camera comes out of the box very quickly. $800 camera, $150 wide angle lens, yes its worth it. It also reduces snag hazard to a degree.
  8. Feeblemind

    Flite Suit camera suit

    Yes they do, it is a very nice set with bomber free fly pants and then a jacket, the jacket can either clip into pre-sewn rings on the pants or your hip rings. very nice set up either way, several vidiots at the DZ fly them and like them alot.
  9. Feeblemind

    HC-5 observations

    I have an HC5 with a cam-Eye in a cookie box. I tape the cam-Eye in just because and have had no issues.
  10. I'm IN!!!!!! Last time this event was held it was one of the best days jumping and partying of the season!! If you live in Nor-Cal or are gonna be in the area this is an event you dont want to miss In addition, if your staying for the weekend the rides to altitude the following day were shall we say "rather fragrant" Roll Call: Feeblemind
  11. Feeblemind

    Skydiving Article - A BIG THANK YOU!

    Teri, Well I am assuming you will write your article on a PC, after you receive your grade just copy and paste it in the forum so we dont have to wait for your to respond via e-mail.
  12. Feeblemind


    Kindly contact Airtec if found.
  13. Feeblemind

    Blackbox for HC7

    I am using a cookie composites box. Nice snug fit, no screwing needed
  14. Contact harbortronics, they modified my D70. www.harbortronics.com/