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  1. boinky

    Shannon Neal 6/6/90 - 8/26/08

    As Mike said, we are in San Antonio. Normally, the only time I'm here is when he comes home and comes to this city to visit his daughters. And it just doesn't seem to sink in to my thick skull that Shannon is gone. I wake up thinking of things we could all do together. Then in a couple of seconds, I remember the truth. The ugly truth. And tears come again. Sadder still is the fact that Shannon's wishes were to be an organ donor. They took her to the hospital to harvest the organs, but discovered that she had lived in Germany during the 90's and they wouldn't accept the organs for donation. I suppose they feared that she might have "mad cow disease." I try to be here to comfort Mike, but as most of you have said, there are just no words strong enough and no actions soothing enough to take the pain away. While you pray for Mike and his family, please remember to pray for the young adults that were in the car accident with her. There was a total of four other people, one of which was seriously injured but seems to be making a good recovery. Each of those people are in a living nightmare, as they basically saw their friend pass away right in front of their eyes, with nothing they could do to help her. They will have to live with that memory for the rest of their lives. Some of them will quite possibly need counseling. The family has set up a memorial fund. Whatever funds are above/beyond the funeral costs will be used to set up a scholarship fund in her memory.
  2. boinky


    In this day and age, it's human nature to tell everything and everyone about a bad experience, but not about a good one. I want to tell a good one for a change. A very good friend of mine suggested that I look into buying a Dolphin. He told me that they were fast, affordable and easy to re-sell. To my pleasant surprise, they don't just come in black anymore. In addition to the colored dolphin and a colored cutaway handle, you can actually order up to four flaps in various color options. It's not hard to acquire the phone number to the company, which happens to be Altico. Mike Furry has to be the kindest man alive. I explained all of the issues I had with my current container. We discussed my height, weight, canopy sizes and seeing as I do CRW, what I required the new container to do/not do for me. He made suggestions on what to order and how to do it. How many owners of a company will personally spend time talking to a prospective customer? Mr. Furry also told me that if I was not happy, they would do everything they could to fix my issues and if nothing worked, they would agree to return my purchase price. This man really cares about his product and customer satisfaction. There are a couple of great new features offered on this container. There is a pocket that stores your pilot chute bridle and velcros shut. This is great for freeflyers and reduces the chance of a premature opening from something getting pulled by the wind. The tuck tabs are now a free option. Secure fitting, wide and keep the risers completely covered and safe. Only nine days after I faxed in my order, I received my new container, drop shipped to me. I can't guarantee everyone will get theirs in the same short time, but they do advertise 2-3 weeks in most cases. Before you spend thousands of dollars and wait up to six months on a container, consider a Dolphin. It's fast, friendly and affordable. Nina Tharp