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  1. Is anyone aware of any harness containers or reserve parachutes that are TSO C23(f)? Thanks,
  2. Where....as in what altitude? Do you plan on sending the unit in to get the details?
  3. what is the forward speed of a fire bolt 146 loaded 1-1?
  4. Great to hear everything worked as it should per the people that investigated it.... It is a Shame we can't get any info from the AAD manufacture. It may have cut the loop...but where?
  5. Just heard about an incident in Florida where a jumper wearing a racer deployed the main low and had an Argus fire. The main was a Sabre 2 loaded at 1+ to 1 and they flew the main to the ground. The reserve PC stayed in tow and never deployed the reserve. Upon landing and taking off the gear the free/speed bag fell out. Argus fire too low for reserve extraction? Argus not completely cut the loop? Reserve PC not create 18 pounds of pressure to pull the bag off? Anybody know what happened?
  6. Does a Racer reserve pilot chute create 18 pounds of pressure at 15-20 MPH?
  7. I like how the dumbass poses for the cameras...almost proud of his f-up. And the sand bag didn't miss those people by much.
  8. Gotta hate a manufacture that does in house quality control on their raw materials!
  9. I have seen a reserve side JM pull the students cutaway while he was having a high speed malfunction. The student was sitting more upright with a *real* bag lock from what I remember. It released clean and the RSL pulled the reserve...It actually happened at the same dropzone as this incident.
  10. (more to think about) It looks like the riser covers did not release until the Instructor grabbed the risers. If the instructor went straight to the cutaway handle, there is a chance that the main would not have left. Probably a good time to check the main pilot chute, lines and possibly packers techniques also.
  11. There are a few other countries outside of the US that have Armed Forces.
  12. I would clarify, but you don't accept PM's
  13. Absolutely wrong...where do you get your information?
  14. Cause all parachute systems have that, huh John Rich?
  15. That was done back in the 90's. Sherry Butcher (Aerohio) may have a copy, but I doubt it.