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  1. crazydiver

    "Big Bad John" Gordon

    Very sad to have heard about this today. Really likes that guy and always made a point to connect with him whenever he was at the dz. does anyone know what is uspa license number would have been? He had been jumping since the dawn of time!
  2. crazydiver

    Sony CX100 Recording Straight to Memory Stick?

    Nevermind, I just found it in the manual. Looks like you can select where to save the video and photos to separately. One more question, like the video settings that have to be reset each day, does this setting have to be reset each day as well?
  3. crazydiver

    Vermont Skydiving Adventures, Inc.

    Moved to Vermont a year and a half ago and felt nothing but welcomed by the good folks at VSA. Happy to call it my current DZ. I work there and I play there. Wish there were more lift power, but the cessnas they have are in great shape and super fast for their kinds. Also, the landing area has nice soft grass due to the fertilization from the donkey poo...
  4. crazydiver

    Spectra Vs. HMA

    Please do a search, this topic is all over the place on this forum. In short, HMA is much more resistant to going out of trim than Spectra and can come in much smaller line diameter to decrease parasitic drag from the lines. HMA will not last as many jumps however, and the user MUST be diligent about regularly replacing the lineset because wear is not as easy to spot on HMA.
  5. crazydiver

    Slow freefall suit

    Get a super baggy freefly suit. An RW suit is not going to give you much slowing power even if it has swoop cords. The freefly pants with baggy legs will give you, although not quite as much as booties, lots of driving power in your legs. Try someone's out and see. Otherwise, there is no way to find an RW suit for slow fallers with booties.
  6. crazydiver

    best time to downsize

    I would not recommend "timing" your downsizing or expecting your jump numbers to reflect your skills, opinions, and motivations at the time you are planning on downsizing. Enjoy what you have now...when you get bored with it and can land it anywhere in any condition, then it may be time to downsize. However, timewise, there a couple schools of thought on this: Perhaps partway into the season is best due to the fact that you will have gotten current again and still have the season to really get going on the canopy. Or... Perhaps towards the end of the season or even during winter is best since the density altitude is lower and the canopy will fly a bit slower and your jumps will be spaced apart enough that you will have more time to really learn and consider what you are doing during each jump (not that you shouldn't do that during the season too). Ask canopy guru's at your DZ for the best answer. Ask questions on here (but take the responses with a grain of salt). Form your own opinions through common sense also. Most importantly, though, is to ask and listen to great canopy coaches at your DZ and see what they think based on your skill level, motivation, currency, altitude, attitude... I just don't recommend "planning" on downsizing. Just do what feels right and common sense to do at the moment rather than planning your current canopy's "obsolescence."
  7. I always check to make sure the canopy is clear before deploying the reserve. So if the risers were hung up I would catch the issue. Luckily...every sigma rig I jump, the riser covers pop open on the ground...I'd be very surprised and it would be super ironic if they were to NOT release in the air. And yes, I know...magnetic riser, improved, bla bla bla
  8. crazydiver

    New to Colorado, I need a rigger.

    Hi, My name is Travis Annan. I rig for Mile Hi and I would be happy to help you out. I live in Fort Collins, but I work at the dropzone on most weekends and seven days a week during the summer months. My number is 970-380-5301. Give me a call, I'd love to chat. Peace, Travis
  9. crazydiver

    Show your Mirage G4 MT !!!

    Some of the containers you could be seeing may be the "s" series. All the mirage containers can be an "s" series when produced. It simply stands for short and keeps the same pack volumes, but makes it shorter and wider than the regular version. For example...a very common small Mirage is the opposed to the regular MX. They both hold the same canopies, but the MXS is shorter and wider in order to accomodate shorter or short torsoed people.
  10. crazydiver

    Police Academy Footage

    Really? No one knows? I know its a terrible movie, but....
  11. crazydiver

    shorter closing pin on newer sigmas?

    I personally have experienced hard left side drogue release pulls on sigmas with the long pins. Something that I may attribute that to is the pin rotating slightly clockwise and locking under the webbing that covers the cypres disk on the main closing loop. I think the short pins may alleviate that. It could also keep the tip of the pin from hitting the sigma closing disk so that it's not metal on metal wear.
  12. crazydiver

    how much is my gear worth

    We also need to know the Date of manufacture on each piece of equipment, how many pack jobs on the reserve, harness size of the container as well as colors of the container, and the color of the main.
  13. crazydiver


    Don't hold your breath for that one.
  14. crazydiver

    Schumacher Camera Mount Thread Problem

    THat is goofy. A suggestion I have is to set the camera at a slight angle laterally in relation to where you want the lens to end up pointing while screwing in the screw so that when you need to tighten the thing up all the way, you can simply rotate the camera into place in relation to the plate.
  15. crazydiver

    Farmer McFriendly

    Good story steve. Glad you found all your stuff!