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  1. crazydiver

    Anyone Know Leo/Ray Barnes

    Cheers, Travis
  2. crazydiver

    Anyone Know Leo/Ray Barnes

    No I definitely think it's possible they were scammed. The problem is that many banks in chile don't have the ability to link to PayPal which is more secure in situations like this. Cheers, Travis
  3. crazydiver

    Anyone Know Leo/Ray Barnes

    I have friends at Paracaidismo Chile dropzone in Chile and they recently transferred money to someone named Leo or Ray (or maybe Larry) Barnes in Texas. They bought a student rig from him. As soon as they did the transfer, they said they stopped hearing from him, which was a couple weeks back. Anyone have any info on this person in Texas? We tried calling, but never answered and doesn't have voicemail set up. The transfer was sent to his account at Wells Fargo in Richmond, TX. Anyone from around that area? Thanks for any help you can provide. Hope my buddies aren't getting scammed. Cheers, Travis
  4. I moved to Chile a year and a half ago and brought my rig with me. As I've traveled around Chile I haven't brought my rig to the various places that have had drop zones simply because it was cumbersome and I was concerned with it getting stolen, to be perfectly honest. Especially if you are visiting countries where theft is common and you are taking your bag and putting it in the luggage compartment under the bus, etc. You could certainly bring it along, but careful. Many countries, theft is bad even with a crappy camera or your wallet. Cheers, Travis
  5. crazydiver

    Blown toggle hoods

    I've seen this a handful of times for that reason exactly. Cheers, Travis
  6. crazydiver

    "Big Bad John" Gordon

    Whoops, just saw his d license number in the first post. Cheers, Travis
  7. crazydiver

    "Big Bad John" Gordon

    Very sad to have heard about this today. Really likes that guy and always made a point to connect with him whenever he was at the dz. does anyone know what is uspa license number would have been? He had been jumping since the dawn of time! Cheers, Travis
  8. I just got an email from the same person. Cheers, Travis
  9. crazydiver

    Xaos 27 collapse??

    Precision was sure busy making Xaos's during that seven month span. Four affected serial numbers. :) Cheers, Travis
  10. crazydiver

    Velocity Sports Equipment Street Address

    Well the package wouldn't get there until next week... Cheers, Travis
  11. crazydiver

    Velocity Sports Equipment Street Address

    That's probably the most current. I just don't want to send a package to the wrong place, so wanted to get confirmation on where, for sure, is the location. Cheers, Travis
  12. crazydiver

    Velocity Sports Equipment Street Address

    Hey All, VSE is closed today and I need to ship something to them as soon as possible. They only have a PO box listed on their website, but I am planning on FedExing it and you can't do that to a PO box. Anyone have their most current street address? I've found two or three on various websites and threads. Thanks for the help. Cheers, Travis
  13. crazydiver

    Parachute Packing Project

    One thing to add is that everyone struggles with packing in the beginning anyway. I can pack a main in about 4 minutes. When I first learned to pack it took me 20+ minutes and I was drenched in sweat. I'm always up for better alternatives, but part of me wonders if the struggles in more in that it just takes some practice. I would love to eliminate wasted rubber though which is why I like the "idea" of the lazybag, but I haven't even owned one myself since I can stow the bands so quick. My two cents. I would also take advice from John Sherman and others who may post here like Bill Booth, etc. Cheers, Travis
  14. crazydiver

    Wings or vector?

    Why? Stronger main and reserve pin protection. Reserves on wings are a little trickier to pack and get to look nice. And, more importantly, to me, is the weak spring that the wings has on its reserve PC compared to vector and mirage. I've seen video of the spring on a wings PC do a 180 upon pulling the pin and hesitate on their back for a touch. Could happen on any rig, but that weak spring bothers me. But...if you're in this sport to save're in the wrong place. Cheers, Travis
  15. crazydiver

    First Fullface (/w mirror lens)

    Great, I'm sure you know better than me. I only have 5500+ jumps without tinted anything, and humans only existed for 1000's of years before the invention of sungalsses, but I'm sure you have it all figured out. The OP states that the LAST thing he wants is to not be able to see his face. What did I miss? And don't be a dick to the guy. He wants tinted. Matter's of taste are not to be disputed. Cheers, Travis