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  1. I second that. A Surface is a miniaturized PC, while Apple and Android tablets are more like oversized phones. This makes a big difference. You can also have a look at other tablet or 2-in-1 computers (foldable into a tablet form factor, or with a detachable tablet as a screen).
  2. GalFisk

    Solo II

    This little device is a nice complement to my alitmeter, I set the signals to go off just below break and preferred pull altitude, as well as hard deck for reserve deployment. I often forget to turn it off during the week, but have yet to run out of batteries. The dytter does sometimes go off during manouvers under canopy (Spectre 150), but I don't find that distracting. The case cracked last year, and L&B replaced it to me for free. I've heard similarly great things about their customer service from many others, and if/when I feel the need for a digital hand alti, it will be an L&B.
  3. Please visit our website or find Söderhamns Fallskärmsklubb on Facebook for more information about the club. You're of course very welcome to pay us a visit. Blue skies!