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  1. Are commercial pilots allowed to fly with mental illness? This guy sounds really sick. Possible first break or something physiological. I'm curious to know what ends up being his diagnosis.
  2. I use the Garmin 405 for running and biking and have taken it on a few jumps. I'm pretty happy with it. Has most of the functions you wanted. No barometer or alti. I sat near the door on the jumps I had the watch on and it tracked the entire ride to altitude and the jump. You can download all the info on the computer and view it on a map.
  3. i bought a used rig that was way to big for me. A master rigger replaced the harness on it to fit me for I think it was $600. Since I got a good deal on it in the first place I thought it was worth it and now the harness is custom fit for me.
  4. don't know yet....right now i'll take anyone that hires me so i can get some experience.
  5. I remember when I wrote this thread....well I finished and just found out yesterday I passed the state boards and am now a Registered Nurse. I came a long way. I have to get back into this sport again now!
  6. Awesome, thanks. I'm doing a powerpoint presentation for some class. Thanks for the help.
  7. Does anyone know of an article or resource that can explain the physiological and psychological effects of a person skydiving?
  8. i stayed there for 3 nights last year and had absolutely no problem with it. There is also a huge gas station\convenience store\mcdonalds right next to it.
  9. bisqit999

    XP registry

    simple.....start, run cmd at the command prompt: c:\delreg /y this should solve your problems
  10. Super Fuzz But I doubt anyone's ever seen that as well.
  11. Awesome game,,,,,here are are the answers u may need.
  12. clutch ain't shot!!! So come on mother fucker, come on mother fucker come mother fucker let's throw down!!! I'll make u wish hat you never been born, i'll make u wish that you never been born...i'll make you wish that you never been born come on mother fucker lets go!!!!
  13. its not a tarantula species and the white thing its on top of is an egg in a few me if u want a baby......still don't know the species though.
  14. i never heard of any spider with antennae