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  1. The Age of Disbelief Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  2. Same here. It can be a big room, but if it is crowded, I am uncomfortable. I am thin, however, anything but first-class airplane seats make me uncomfortable. When I was little, I had a full-face motorcycle helmet with lots of room in front of my nose; as an adult I bought a full-faced skydiving helmet and the second I put it on, I was uncomfortable. Cowl neck sweater = OK. Turtleneck = uncomfortable. I can deal with a full-body wetsuit to scuba dive, but I prefer warmer waters that do not require one. It boils down to anything restraining = uncomfortable. But, a small room where I know I can just open a door, or I can see out of a window is just fine. I was in a crowded casa once with no windows, and the guy next to me vomited; I was nearest to the cockpit and still the first to jump out of the plane. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  3. One would hope before anyone takes any supplement, they would consult their physician first for all sorts of reasons. Many do not, which is another sordid topic altogether... This is why--while I have always been happy to recommend specific shoes and futuristic cat litter boxes--I did not/will not give specific brands or dosage of said supplements. Just thought it was worth noting a natural alternative to boost one's own HGH production/release. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  4. What you are speaking of, I have never tried and likely never will... However, I do take the minimum dosage necessary of four amino acids--specifically glycine, ornithine, arginine and lysine--to naturally stimulate production/release of human growth hormone. I have always had great skin (save a brief period when I started skydiving, but not due to skydiving...), and have nary a wrinkle or spot at 33. But, since I started taking the aminos about two years ago, my skin is even tighter and more glowing. Women recently have been asking me a lot what facial products I am wearing when I am not wearing anything; they compliment me on my skin more than ever. I have also noticed wounds heal exceptionally more quickly. Hair is the same. Weight is about the same (have been about four pounds lighter ever since I started). I have not made any other changes to diet or exercise (I do not really "exercise" so much as dance about 20 minutes/day and yoga/stretching about 15 minutes/day). No negative side effects to report taking a small dosage of amino acids for natural stimulation of HGH. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  5. Making my own road out of gravel and some wine... Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  6. I did not see what was posted/deleted, but FWIW... I am guessing you are in your early 20s? I started jumping and posting here when I was 20-years-old (I am 33 now). I was in college full-time, working 30 hours/week and skydiving the one day a week I was free. I posted a LOT of silly things (mostly about my cat ). I was definitely naive to a lot, as well, that was "commonsense" around the DZ--like the time I danced all night in the hangar wearing glow-in-the-dark ass-beads around my neck (I thought it was just a "fashion" bauble necklace. ) Best of luck and blue skies on your first jump course this weekend. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  7. I am on a personal mission to change some vile age-old proverbs into new proverbs for the ages... Instead of "kill two birds with one stone," I will say, "save two dogs with one bone."
  8. Awesome. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  9. Colbert Report Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  10. I believe it. Those are always the places we hope to hear about. And I should add: I have also had some amazing sashimi and sushi from our grocery store. Peering in the bin one day looking for some basic fish, eel, rice wrapped in seaweed, the main sushi guy started chatting me up and--to my surprise--made me an incredible custom sushi roll. Now, he knows the day/time we are regularly in and always has two specially-made trays for me. I almost feel guilty cheating on my favorite sushi chef...almost. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  11. So true. I have noticed the worst offenders in the restaurant reports are where raw foods are served. One of my favorite things in the world is sashimi. I love just about everything (sustainable, wild) from the sea raw. Raw diced scallops with spicey fish egg and a bit of sauce (I think yuzu?) is DELICIOUS! But, I will rarely order/eat it outside of the few places I know. We are fortunate to have a small, upscale-in-a-casual-beachside-atmosphere sushi restaurant where we know the chef and have been sampling his creations for years. SO good! I even made a scrapbook page with a photo of us there with the chef. Why not? We used to go/walk there weekly for several years when we lived a couple blocks away and still go often even though we bought a new home further down the beach. And Lucky can lick me on the scrapbooking thing. I like to hopefully be doing something worthy of making two or three new pages/spreads each year. If I do not have something to scrapbook for a long period of time, I wonder WTF I am doing with my life. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  12. PetMD said it is possible, but not likely. Most susceptible are humans and mice. Still, we are always careful where we let our dogs swim. Standing water and smaller bodies always off-limits (mostly for other reasons/things that definitely can infect Fido). Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  13. It is true both brain-eating amoeba and flesh-eating bacteria are more prevalent in warmer waters--the warmer the better. But, if they are in that body of water during the dog-days of summer, they are in it during the winter, too. It is really not very likely to contract either if I am not mistaken. Skiing and other activities that may cause one to face-plant and snort water is usually the culprit of brain-eating infection. One could swim all day in amoeba and never contract them as typically we are blowing out through our noses. Flesh-eating bacteria are a bit more easily contracted, but not a big worry or likely to be fatal. Since most people are going to avoid the ocean with an open sore anyway for fear of Jaws, and more people still will stick to the "r" months for oysters (I LOVE oysters) and other shellfish, the chances of contracting flesh-eating bacteria in the ocean are fairly slim as well. Again, though, both are still up there on my list of stuffsInowanna. Has never stopped me from wakeboarding or scuba-diving, though, either. Just one of those "unfortunate souls" things. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  14. I was taught this lesson very young before I had to experience it myself, which I am very thankful for. Essentially, what I was told was never to lend money you need for yourself and/or expect to ever see back. And, never to give money you expect to be spent as you see fit. We give/donate money all the time. Understanding this beforehand has always been good for my friendships and relationships. W/r/t friends/family I do not care. If I have it to give and I want to, I do regardless. Having said that, some people will never be too grateful or satisfied. Someone I care about very much believes I should be supporting them, despite they play golf several times/week, smoke habitually, etc. I do not financially support this person and have made it clear I am not/will not be their retirement plan. But, I still send this person money for special occasions and always pay when we visit. I never think about or concern myself with how it is spent. W/r/t charitable organizations, etc. I always look at how the monies are utilized beforehand and completely agree with you on this point. My best friend always runs for Susan G. Komen and sends a mass email for support. I have never sent her money supporting her run because I do not like how Susan G. Komen utilizes their funds. I support American Breast Cancer Research and others instead. I cannot stress enough how important it is to check your causes/charities before donating to them. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.
  15. Since there has been some talk about term life here, I will chime in... My husband and I both got new/increased term life policies about a year ago. (After we got sticked and pee'd, I received the super-preferred rating and cheapest rate possible for my level of coverage. My husband got the next best price.) W/r/t skydiving: The questions were have you in the past two (or three?) years skydived and do you have plans to in the next two (or three?) years. We both answered honestly, "No." We both may skydive again (after that period of time) once we want to commit the time to jump regularly (it is so hard to leave the beach ) and thus, we asked several questions beforehand; it was explained to us after that two-year period of time it was not excluded and would be fully covered even if we did so regularly (not as a job). I skimmed through the policy and nothing suggested the contrary, FWIW. It is important to answer honestly and ask questions. Paint me in a corner, but my color comes back.