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  1. Thanks!! I just used the trial corel so I will try the programs you recommended
  2. Thanks for the reply. The reason it is in .MOV is because the footage was taken on a Contour HD camera which is in .MOV. The footage is in 720p. The contour also has 1080p as well. So yes they need to be converted. Would conversion be quicker with the systems you recommended or is it just the nature of the beast?
  3. Was wondering if anyone may have an answer for me about burning AVCHD speed. I made a AVCHD DVD to play on my bluray player. It plays and looks great but took literally hours to do..I mean like 7 hours for 4.1 gigs. Now the import video was .MOV and I was using Corel DVD movie factory. Is it just the norm or is it the software or my computer? My computer is somewhat old and has an intel core duo @ 2.00 ghz and 2 gigs of ram. Thanks
  4. I have a W-19 which was made for a 190-210. I contacted Sunrise manufacturing and they said a 168 was the smallest I could or should go. My guess is that a 149 should be the smallest you'd want to go. Contact Rick at sunrise and give him the serial number. He'll tell you what you could get away with for your container.
  5. btvr

    Demo Strategy

    Great points! Didn't think of all of that
  6. btvr

    Demo Strategy

    Was wondering what people think about this demo strategy. The situation is this: I'm planning on getting a new canopy. I have narrowed it down to a Pilot 188 or Safire2 189. Currently jump a triathlon 210(150 jumps on it) loaded around 1.0. I'm planning a trip to Eloy in February and have contacted them about their demo program. But first I want to demo canopies at my current wing load (210 & 209)since changing from 7 cell square to 9 cell and tapered. Anyway, They don't have a Safire2 209 but a 189. They do have a pilot 210. Now since the plan is to get the 188 or 189, I'm thinking of jumping the pilot 210 first then the 188 and finally the 189. Thoughts? suggestions?
  7. I hear the Safire2 opens nicely. My Triathlon 210 opens nice. Never had a hard opening on it in over 150 jumps. But Triathlon seems to be a 4 letter word in skydiving. Don't know why though. I have no complaints.
  8. You hit the nail on the head about the culture changing. That is what make will make a difference. I took a canopy course and to me it was invaluable information. Now I'm not an every weekend jumper (wish I could be) but I'm shocked at how little some people with more jumps than me know about canopy flight and hurry to down size to jump a cool canopy.. What's cool to me is enjoying my jump and flight and driving home that day with a big smile on my face
  9. Just another "administrative" control that won't make a difference. Like a DMV road test. Everyone takes it but yet people still die in auto accidents? Why? Gee I don't know. That piece of laminated paper called my license says I know how to drive.. Now I think training is great and even doing those for the "B" license no big deal. Why not do it for the "A" license? So in other words.. "Go ahead and not know these things and if you survive until you get 50 jumps, We'll see if you are capable to progress"..
  10. oh no doubt! I agree that that would be a good price for used
  11. That's cool how it worked out for you. You said new car depreciation but some things in the classifieds don't reflect that at all. Nothing wrong with that but usually it's all about how the market for a particular item is. Right now in the classifieds there is a Sabre2 210 for $1800 with 200 jumps so they claim not like canopies have I have received quotes for just for same canopy brand new for $150 more than that. Granted that's asking price. Now if they asked $1600 that would make a difference. True about breaking it in!! Not looking forward to that..well just the packing part anyway
  12. That's why I bought new. Couldn't wait for a bargain to just fall in my lap and what some people want for their stuff is nuts. I check the classified every day. Looking for a pilot or Safire2 188/189. Well I will buy new since I won't give someone $1800 for a "used" canopy with 200 jumps when I can buy brand new for $50-$150 more and for exactly what I like. When I sell my old canopy I will make it a sweet deal for someone. Just rather get rid of it then hold out for top $. Just my two cents.
  13. I think it all depends on the DZ and general attitude of the jumpers for EPs and canopy progression. I know at my DZ, EPs and PLFs are regularly practiced for students. As for canopies? I think it's the individual mindset that is the big problem and with some people WL enforcement is necessary. I'm currently jumping a triathlon loaded at 1.0 WL. I'm looking into getting a 9 cell either Safire 2 or Pilot and maybe downsize to a 1.1 WL. After speaking with one of the instructors at my DZ he suggested I demo the 9 cell at the same WL as my tri first. He said he had no doubt I could handle the 1.1 but better to be safe. You know what? I will follow his advice! Why? Because I respect his experience and I do not want to get hurt. I know the risks with our sport and I RESPECT it! I "grew up" in the sport with the canopy issue on the rise and knew in order to be safe and continue was not to be stupid. I took a canopy control course on my own accord not because I was forced to but because I wanted to become a safer pilot. I don't think the HP canopies are the issue. I'm not for banning anything. It's the so called hot shots that are either too cocky or too stupid to seek out the training and/or advice of the respected experienced jumpers. Just my opinion.
  14. Right..Understood. But I wouldn't ask the pilot as if to "Rub it in" That's what it seems like. Hard to really explain in writing the way a few of those people bring it up. Just seems a little "off".
  15. Good points..I usually don't get upset at the person. I understand people letting me know because it's the sport I'm involved in. It's the ones that ask as if they just want to see my reaction or want me to explain.. Just don't get what they're looking for. And the "idiots" remark was for the ones that are smug not the people that actually have concern. The email I got started with "Ha Ha, saw this and thought of you". Can't believe someone would start it that way about something tragic like this. Totally blew my mind. Maybe I'm reading into it too much?