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  1. +1 My 210 Spectre spends a good 800ft not opening. That's just wasted to to me. My old Pegasus would start opening as soon as it was out of the bag, and still super soft. Oh, and yeah, the Spectre opens soft, except when it doesn't. I believe you have my stapler.
  2. 90's?! Try late 70's! Huge rainbow-colored jumpsuits and canopies. Then it switched to "bounce-and-blend" schemes. I dig the colors! They make you happy!
  3. My $.02: Don't even consider any plane with mental spar wing assemblies. I believe you have my stapler.
  4. It sucks, and makes it makes me sad to think that something like that can happen in my home country. I guess another one of my bubbles just got burst. I believe you have my stapler.
  5. SUCKED!!!! I liked China's summer, and Norway's winter. This was just a mishmosh of forgettable British history and culture. At one point, I thought they were gonna spray coal dust on the spectators for effect. I believe you have my stapler.
  6. OMG, my side hurts! I believe you have my stapler.
  7. Airviking

    Peeves ...

    People who do in traffic, what they wouldn't dream of doing in a supermarket checkout line. I'm talking "Do whatever it takes to get in front of the person in front of them." As if we all don't want to get where we are going. It burns me up like nothing else. I believe you have my stapler.
  8. Zackly!!! It's the journey, not the destination. I never did AFF, but my student days did leave me with fond memories. (I wish I could go back.) Be here now. I believe you have my stapler.
  9. My wife just bought me a Seiko classic chronograph. Very nice looking, but stupidest design I've ever seen! About the only thing I would ever use the stopwatch function for, is to time my grilling. But all the stopwatch data is on two small dials that occasionally get covered over by the hour hand and minute hand. I can basically forget about grilling burgers between 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock and any 25 to 30 minutes past any hour. I believe you have my stapler.
  10. Thanks Dave, Actually, I'm more like 6'2", 200lbs, but my metal picture is a little old, so it still has me at 180-185. Yeah, I remember checking into Flight Suit, just to see if they are still around, and it looks like a pretty good thing for me. I should try my old Flight Suit just for sh*ts and giggles. I can still fit into it, and these guys wouldn't mind an experiment. I'm betting our "team performance" would improve! I believe you have my stapler.
  11. These were simple 2-way & 3-way dives, free-fly exit. One guy in floater position, me (and jumper 3) following out the door. The thing is that almost immediately, I had a lot of horizontal separation to the floater, but not much vertical, again indicating an issue with mismatched drag. The rest of the dive became a challenge. I didn't exactly do a dead spider, but the FS did suffer as the result of fallrate mismatch. Although I do appreciate the suggestion, to me launching pieces eliminates a couple of the awesome aspects of fun-jumping, i.e. exit and initial formation. I'm already understanding from you fine folks that a slightly larger suit is in my future. I believe you have my stapler.
  12. Hey Wendy, SLOW-FALLING DZ!!! OMG, give me strength! That means that a nomad like me might have to commit to a "home" DZ, because recreational jumpers can't agree on a standard fall-rate?! Side-note: I don't understand why casual jumpers abandoned their big suits with swoop cords back in the '80s. (Actually I do: it's because all the RW teams went to tight, fast-falling suits, and everyone copies the skygods, even though they are doing a totally different type of skydive.) Big suits are so much fun to fly and the fallrate control is huge. I believe you have my stapler.
  13. I'm wondering if there is a quick approach to the fallrate question. Currently, I may be falling too fast, or the few folks who have had the misfortune of jumping with me may be falling too slow. I want to know that I am falling at a current "standard" belly-flying fall rate, and I don't want to blow a lot of season to get there, jumping with different folks who's fallrates are also unknown. I have a Zute Suit which I bought used, and it's almost all spandex. But I don't want to start changing things until I know what's going on. Back in my glory days, I'd give Flight Suit my measurements and desired fallrate (100mph! ), and they'd make me a suit that was dead-nuts. Case closed! I guess I could do the same today, but like I said, I'd like to quantify the situation before I throw money at it. I believe you have my stapler.