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  1. Your job on jumprun (exit ) is to make shure you have given the group/ person ahead of you the count that the JM told you,IE: 6 secs, 10 secs whatever, also to be confortable with the spot. Depending on the size of the AC and your exit order it's going to be nearly impossible to know where every body is as groups tend to move across the sky in a random fashion, The time you need to be most aware is at pull time, years ago I got into the habit of looking down and looking up over my shoulder whilst coming out of the track. When my canopy opens and before doing checks I have a quick look around, as it's not good form to bump into another canopy,
  2. Perth Autum 12500ft agl above 0º I think this is called door fear, Take a deep breath an relax, 90% of skydivers at onetime or another have had it. Secret to over coming door fear , You'll find it within yourself by relaxing,
  3. Zep

    cameras with no LANC

    Did a search an found some answers. Guess I should have done that first, I will just say looking through the old posts some had circuits to amplify the intesity of the led . I found a perfect ready made circuit with batteries included Dont laugh but it was inside one of my kids flashing YO-YO's
  4. Lots of Euros, France is soooo expensive
  5. Ever since I read an artical (can't remember where) saying that it was'nt a good thing to turn the rings with your fingers (bodily oil not being PH neutral) I now leave it to the rigger to check them an lube the cables every six months
  6. Zep

    Sore Fingers - Newbie Side Effect

    >The video shows< So wheres the video