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  1. Alright, now that we established facts what do I do. I felt and still feel bad to recycle so many colorful magazines - what do you do with them? Thought for a while to cut the front page and make a mosaic of some sort but I have too many projects to get to it ! Looking for advice!
  2. Thanks a lot! I use PDRs before. I ask my dear rigger to have a look at its state before I take it in a plane :-) Much appreciated!
  3. It happens that I bought a rig with a Tempo in it. I have to admit I don't know about it. I am here to be enlighten. Anything I should know before I decide to keep it ? Anticipated thanks!
  4. Hello, I am thinking to start a video helmet with a A6400 but I am not necesarely stuck on Sony nor A6400. Open minded about that. Let me know what you think about A6400 or and provide your thoughts on it!
  5. theQ


    Pink is cool :-)! By nylon tape what do you mean ? How thick ? Thanks for the honest reply!
  6. theQ


    Suit, skydiving related, patches and specifically where to buy them !? My suit is starting to show some wear and I am thinking to reinforce it with cool patches :-) hehe
  7. I mounded with an adapter on the go pro mount.
  8. Great but I have a PhantomX - I was thinking more like re purposing my GoPro mount I have on it. Any hits or ideas are very welcome!
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone uses or used a Nikon KeyMission 360 camera mounted on their helmet - I am trying the see what's the best way to do that so I can swap it with my gopro here and there. Drop me a line if have useful tips, especially if you have one and using it on your helmet . Much appreciated! Q
  10. I've got a Viso II, barely use, and I turned it on and the battery was flashing. I got a new battery and put it on and the battery was flashing. It works great but is annoying what if is true. The display is solid, dark black drawing doesn't look like a weak battery. Is there a know issue with this on Viso II. Ps. Adding a vent here - anyone finds the menu navigation being counter intuitive/hard ? I have also an N3 can't be easier to navigate thru the menus.
  11. I want to fly a small american flag about my head, in free fall. It's a 2" x 3" or something like that. At exit I am planning to hold it in a ball, with both hands by the corners. Any tips, especially safety tips, are all welcome! Blue Skies! Q
  12. I ended up getting the 1Square mount. It doesn't fit flush but it's pretty much snag proof. It was not easy to install either but it's done. The Grellfab seems nice that is in front but I personally don't like it as seems to be snag prone.
  13. What is the safest way to mount a GoPro on a PhanthomX ? The mount SQ1 is only for GoPro Hero3 and won't work on 3+ or 4 models. Any other good options ? Pictures are more than welcome if it's a workaround.
  14. Thank you all for the input... I have to tell you that I am not new to accuracy, jumped the big 7 cells before, those you can hold vertically and still can land them softly which is a no no on the ellipticals. I know and use the accuracy trick. Doing the last leg at an angle, then cutting in for the target at the right altitude is not a good approach,in my opinion, unless I do hop'n'pops and there is no own above me... I could try the no altimeter but I got an audible and that could screw my input. I went to flight-1 classes they clearly state that you need to respect the pattern altitude and change/adjust the pattern checkpoints - it's a good idea to do it by feel (look) and not altimeter but reference points change from dz to dz.
  15. Hi, I am prepping my C license and I am wondering what's the best way to land in 2 meter circle consistently with a semi elliptical canopy. I have a Pulse loaded 1.2 and i love it but the darn thing glides and glides and when I flare it goes even further. Do I need to adjust the pattern altitudes or need to target in front of the target ? I did fly 7 cells before and those are so much easier to land them close to the target. I usually do the 3 leg pattern 900, 600, 300. Drop me a note if have any tips.