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  1. pBASEtobe

    PG Cutaway System

    Thanks but it'll need to be someone local. It needs to be integrated into my exiting harness which consists of a frame and wheels due to my disability.
  2. pBASEtobe

    PG Cutaway System

    Would use a 3-ring release with a protected cutaway handle. See #1 above. I would actually do a d-bag system, not static line. If anything went wrong I'd still have my hand thrown PG reserve. Wouldn't need to cutaway the malfunctioning BASE canopy. I'd want them to release at the same time. Check out this video of a system. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqtC5w4vrZg
  3. pBASEtobe

    PG Cutaway System

    I think I heard about your accident. Premature release near the ground after launch, right? Would like to touch base with you to hear what happened and incorporate anything necessary into my design to prevent the same thing.
  4. pBASEtobe

    PG Cutaway System

    Because I'm paraplegic and don't skydive any more. I've done this before off a tandem (see attached photo).
  5. pBASEtobe

    PG Cutaway System

    I'm looking for someone to build a PG cutaway system. I want to cutaway from my paraglider and static line my BASE canopy off of it. I just don't know any riggers in the Los Angeles area anymore (they've all moved away). Anyone around LA want to give me a hand? Please contact me via PM here. Thanks.
  6. pBASEtobe

    Gear Price - Selling

    Found it, thanks!
  7. pBASEtobe

    Gear Price - Selling

    I knew it would be. I’m going to try selling it without doing all those modifications first. I don’t feel like trying to get it all done myself seeing as how I’ve been out the sport for a while, don’t have/know a rigger and live pretty far from one too. I’ll just sell everything cheaper and state it needs work. I plan on putting all the info in the ad. I think all that info is in the manuals. I just don’t have those with me now. Thanks for the help!
  8. pBASEtobe

    Gear Price - Selling

    Can you all help me out here? I’ve got some gear I’m thinking about selling but don’t know what it’s worth. I’ve been out of the sport for almost 8 years now. I’ve got a Javelin NJ, PD-126R and a Sabre 107. This is a first generation Sabre as I now know they make Sabre II’s. DOM for all is Jan. ’97 I bought it brand new and only put 32 jumps on it before I had my motorcycle accident that took me out of the sport. The gear has been sitting at the bottom of my closet in a box since. It’s in excellent condition and I have all the manuals for everything as well. The container is a pull-out with a kill-line collapsible PC (no new fancy window on the bridle which I think is standard now-a-days). The harness is for someone around 5’-7”, is non-articulated and has soft cutaway cable housings. Also, many years ago I think there was some service bulletin that said something about one of the grommets on the closing flaps needed to be replaced due to possibility of lines getting caught on them. I never had this done. ***side note, can someone give me more info on this bulletin, I’d like to be able to convey this to the next owner of the gear*** What else do you need to know? I’d like to get some opinions on what this gear is worth. Thanks!
  9. pBASEtobe

    46" z-po pc for bridge day?

    I'm not trying to be an ass here but I still don't get it. You have BASE specific gear and yet you don't want to use it? Why? This is all presuming you still have that Mojo you mentioned earlier. Are you planning a water landing and you don't want to get your BASE gear wet? Other than that I can't really think of a good reason not to use BASE specific gear if you've got it. Don't take anything I say here with any authority what-so-ever but... In the end I'm sure that Triathalon with the 46" PC will be fine but if you've got better gear for the job why not use it?
  10. pBASEtobe

    46" z-po pc for bridge day?

    Just out of curiosity, why use the Triathalon then. Why not just use that Mojo?
  11. pBASEtobe

    Hidden Splatch Posters...

    I wash before AND after. I'm treat my cock with respect AND other people whose hands I shake after I take a piss (just in case).
  12. pBASEtobe

    Are congratulations in order?

    Oh, oops. I'll just let my other thread be and see if it gets anyone to post some other pics of a reverse rollover launch.
  13. pBASEtobe

    Are congratulations in order?

    Can you or someone post these launch pics? I started a new thread on this.
  14. pBASEtobe

    Reverse Roll-Over

    I’ve never seen a reverse roll over done before. It sounds like this has a higher risk of a line over. If so can someone explain why? It’d be great if someone has a few pictures of this maneuver in the beginning stages or maybe a link to a bit of video of one. Thanks!
  15. pBASEtobe

    we lost anotherone...