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  1. Abso-fu&%ing-lutely!! The worst thing about vacations, is going back to work...my heart just sinks as i approach the parking lot for my job.
  2. Being burnt really sucks big-time. i was once in an explosion type thing dealing with containers of gasoline. i recieved 2nd degree burns on fifty percent of my body. once the schock wears off...the pain is beyond your imagination...you will beg people to kill you...Idid!
  3. I just squeaked under by about Thirty-five years. Although i actually didn't bother getting my D until about twenty years ago or so. drew
  4. What was last of the "new Quarters" put out? Was it Missouri ? Whats the next state due out?
  5. ERROR,ERROR,ERROR!!! Wish ya hadn't done that...in the future you'll be so sorry...ya coulda earned much more money in the future and perhaps even had an interest in your job....now...i foresee a life of dead end jobs...one after the other. You will be so sorry.
  6. "Perfect speed.......is being there." Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  7. Over 3000 jumps now..and ive packed every single one of them...and a few others for friends.....when i started jumping...if you didn't pack....you didn't jump. i can't explain people who use a packer all the time...i work to hard for the little money i got to pay an extra $50.00 a weekend for a packer.
  8. I started jumping in 1968. Back then the training was stactic line of course. I wasn't really scared on my first jump...more in a numb like, dream like sequence of events...i guess my feeble brain couldn't handle all the input at that moment. As i progressed through the jumps ..there were times i would actually leave the dz and go hide...id drive down to the store saying i was gonna get a sandwich or something....but the times being what they were...the other jumpers would show up at the store looking for me. They came and found me...hang with me and bring me back to the dz....I guess i was scared for about twenty five jumps....then it all changed...i couldn't wait to get back in the air again....up until that point...i was covinced i was gonna die.....id be in the plane saying to myself..."if i live through this one...ill never jump again"...but i would. Once again after after i had reached about 300 jumps i remember being in the back of the cessna..i looked out the window and thought "Holy shit!!!..i don't wanna do this!...i was scared!...then the door flew open...the air rushed in...and i couldn't wait to jump. This all took place 35 years ago..many thousands of jumps ago...i doubt if i have missed a dozen weekends total in 35 years...i love it so. Yes its dangerous...its up to you and your personal outlook to decide.
  9. Honeyskies..skydiving guys are just like other guys.. use the same caution that you would with anyone else you would meet in your life...your instructor could be genuinely interested in you...or just physically attracted. The edge he holds right now is his knowledge and experience in a sport you wish to learn....this gives him your attention.
  10. Water..oxygen...food..and protection from the elements.
  11. 8106 =15 but ya might wanna double check me.
  12. I just saw a news brief with Pres. Bush. He was saying that the American people deserved to be rid of the unwanted intrusion of unsolicitated phone calls from salespeople. The "do not call" law...of course..Im totally in favor of the "do not call" law. I was thinking if it would be possible to enact such a law concerning junk mail in your Postal Service mail box.. Eliminate the flood of catalogs..flyers..stuff ya never read just throw in the trash. I guess it would be great for the envioment..landfills..etc. If ya wan't a catalog from a company you must contact them to place your name on their list. Sounds like a good idea to me......something im over-looking?
  13. What your describing is known as a TUBE to me also...never heard the term lazy frog before.
  14. Anumber of years ago, i was at my DZ. I laid on a picnic table to watch a four way dive exit from about 8000 ft. After watching the freefall part, i remained lying on the picnic table watching the canopies, when i noticed a dark object falling/floating towards me..it wasn't traveling downwards at a tremendous speed but kept getting closer. Finally without ever getting up fom my reclined posistio i reached up my hand and CAUGHT a skydivers glove! I always thought that was pretty cool.
  15. First one i jumped was a T-10...followed by a 32 ft diameter navy round...followed by my first purchased canopy of a used PC.....than a RW-PC...than a cloud followed by a cloud-lite...followed by a succesion of sabre-170.....jumped other canopies....but only for a few jumps here and there.