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  1. You're thinking like a human, and ascribing human interests and thought processes to potential alien sentient beings. Maybe what they're interested in is NOT "intelligent" life forms, but, oh, hydrogen, or crystal, or iron ore...now, why they'd be interested in that I dunno, but it's possible they're not looking for someone to communicate with...just explore, just see, just find out what's out there. I think that's Tom's point, as well as we have NO real idea what something like that would really be like, let alone life span, ability to handle mechanical items, and so forth. That's human judgment about humans, not about aliens. Ciels- Michele Mm, but it's also very human to suggest that *because* we lack any knowledge of something, there's a *good chance* it is a certain way. As in aliens being interested in earth, a little ball of dirt in a remote galaxy, which has only had advanced civilizations for a few thousands years. The universe is a Big Fucking Place. It is possible that aliens just randomly visits solar system and planets. More likely from human experience is that there is a selection criteria. All there is here can be found in other places, as far as raw materials go. IF we assume they go about it randomly, the number of aliens needed to even give a small probability of earth being one of the planet visited during a time there's an advanced civilization on it would be massive. We don't know anything about it, and we shouldn't claim so. Anything goes, including furry little yellow gods who decide what is yellow and what is not. It's possible
  2. Hm, sort of defensive answer. I have no idea how you linked my comment together with foreigners blaming the US for what you mentioned, but I suppose there is a tenous link somewhere. My point, which I made in a rather indirect way, was that the world isn't black and white. Your generalization is too broad to be useful; however, if your assertion is that people with more of a lefty political attitude are more prone to frivolous suits than others, it's certainly interesting. Do you have any data to support it, or is it more an anecdotal thing, based on your own life experiences? Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  3. I do think they'd have better things to do than hook the earths atmosphere, drop down over small towns, only to be seen by isolated people. Unless they're pranksters. I like Douglas Adams' explanation of UFO's :) Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  4. Republicans never make frivolous suits. Their internal gasses, once leaving their intestines, have the scent of freshly picked roses. I am beginning to get the hang of how things work in the US, no? Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  5. Sometimes truth is a soothing thing, no? Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  6. That evolutionary drive has been built into us over millions of years. I can see the point about the male species wanting to spread his genes as far and wide as possible. But would you also say that for female, she would seek out a man that is stable, well to do and willing to stick around to raise the child. It seems like almost two conflicting points of view: one wants to spread his genes around, the other wants him to stay. Your post got me thinking. Now I dont know wether marriage is unnatural or cheating is natural. Agh, TGIF. Nah, the woman holds the good cards here; she'll just have some handsome daredevil deposit his seeds, and then hook up with a caretaker, convincing the latter that the offspring is either his or that it's a good idea to take care of it. Best of both worlds. And this stuff happens all the time in "the real world". Anyway, relationships are for dependent people. . They get what they deserve. Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  7. Man, that'd been me if I only lived in the US.... Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  8. Heh, I keep seeing this image in front of me of todays younngster in the future. There they are at the old folks home with some brat washing 'em. The very cool-looking-back-in-the-times-above-the-ass-tribal-tattoo is now a wrinkled, speckled piece of previous art. The caretaker will have a serious case of "dude, I'm so not turned on by that, you mighta been a sexy thing in the past, but for chrissakes, we got ectoplasmic neurostemcells for that kinda mistake now" look on his face Tattoos are cool enough, but I gotta say I also have issues with the mass produced "popular right now" ones. Have a few acquaintances with those and every time they see an old timer wearing a what-was-popular-back-then tattoo, they make negative derogatory comments about it. I laugh internally because of the oh so sweet irony of their statements Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  9. I stand corrected. However. The younger person will have the same degree of understanding and be ale to give the "same amount" of consent, whether he/she sleeps with a 15 year old or a 19 year old. Arbitrary definitions, again. Where'd the 4 years come from? No such law where I live. The definition of what constitutes a child is VERY arbitrary, and has shifted a lot in western culture - not to mention the huge differences between cultures. Not that many years ago, someone aged 14 was considered not a child, but a young woman/man. In many cultures today, people that young are wed away. I'm not defending sickos right to go after young ones - my argument is about the definiton of "child". Aye, but see my point above. If the 15 year old has sex with another 15 year old, her awareness won't be higher. There clearly is, since I can go to bed with any 15 year old I want, without being labelled a pedophile. You can't. Is this good or bad? I dunno, and it's irrelevant to my point. And to my life, since I really really find teenagers annoying. Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  10. I give the GOGOGO idiots a three seconds smile, followed by an extra check of the spot if they start their antics on me. 6 months ago, it was different, because I was even greener than I am now and didn't fully understand the math behind exit separation. I definitely agree with your sentiment. It's harder to do another pass if you've impacted with someone than it is to do the same when the dudes in front of you took too long. Been taught that every group is responsible for their own spot - don't like it? Go around. If people consistently are taking too long in the door, get some video, show the load organizer. But I'd be very hesitant to decrease exit separation because some guys in the back don't wanna risk having to ask for another pass. If they want to take greater risks - fine - just don't expose me to 'em. Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  11. Heh, except what constitutes a child is defined in an arbitrary manner. In Denmark the age of consent is 15. I had a girlfriend when I was 16 who was a year younger than me. In most US states I'd be a sex offender for having sex with her. It's pretty hard to say when a person has the mental capacity to give consent or not to. So we have arbitrary lines. We just gotta remember that they are just that - arbitrary lines. Not advocating anything here - just pointing out the differences in conclusions in different cultures. Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  12. Heh I just jumped with Tim Straus when I was in Russia. He left, Juan Carlos came, did a few with him too. The coaching helped a *lot*. If you meet Tim, tell 'im he's a fucking asshole Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst
  13. Spending more than you earn is a problem, that's for sure. But if what you spend is about equal to what you earn, there's nothing inherently wrong with that. Being too worried about money isn't good either. There's no guarantee that one will live long enough to enjoy saved up pension money or what have you. We all have our own unique life situations.Me, I got no kids, no gf, no house, no car. Not even a driver's license. Pay my taxes and through 'em got full health coverage that'll take care of all medical attention should it be needed. Have no aspirations towards owning a home, because boring/sad/happy is the same feeling wherever I am. In a way I see material stuff as sorta distracting - if I had it all, I *know* I'd worry about losing it. No such worries now
  14. Maybe a bit of miscommunication. When I say "exit separation", I mean the time between the one groups exits and the next - setup and fumbling around is included. The GOGOGO idiots started 3 seconds after one group had exited. We're checking line of flight and the other group that just jumped out. 3-4 secs is far too little here. 6 seconds is ok, but ideally it should be a bit more if there's a mixed exit order. IMHO. Which is the exact same pattern I described in a previous post. But thanks for briefing me again. Now that I'm in Denmark. Yeah. That'll help
  15. Might work fine at some DZs, but keep in mind that some DZs have rules about not pulling high. At busy DZs, doing so can be dangerous for you and the groups coming after you. Doesn't work in, say, Russia. Unless you speak Russian. Fortunately, such places tend to have an intervall during which you must deploy your main. Santa Von GrossenArsch I only come in one flavour ohwaitthatcanbemisunderst