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  1. funks


    From the research I did it looks like one of the owners is Rajeed Duda. Could be, if he is a shareholder. Go buy one share of ebay and you too will be an owner of paypal. EBAY and its shareholders own paypal.
  2. funks


    Shameless self promotion of ones own thread is strictly prohibited and frowned upon. You should fucking know that!
  3. Only 60% more to go and this world will be a better place. Goodbye you racist fucks.
  4. Please text him back and tell him I said that his mother and I miss him and hope he is having fun.
  5. yep. That is why I will be sitting paris`s car with my pants unzipped for the next few months. Think it will work? Probably. Afterall, they do say laughter is the best medicine.
  6. I know i'm going to come across one here eventually.
  7. You were always the slow one in school werent you?
  8. I don't know about that. I have received some of my best lovin' behind bars.
  9. Nice one. If the gay porn business ever stops paying you so well you should go into the fortune cookie writing business.
  10. When driving drunk, don't get caught. Any others?
  11. And rightfully so. Please explain why? Explain what?
  12. This thread is finally heading in the right direction.
  13. Hate it so much but yet so compelled to talk about it. Idiots.