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  1. would vimeo work? Way better quality than youtube illegible usually
  2. I think you are bragging... illegible usually
  3. That said they were searching for survivors. Please let them have gotten out alive.......... illegible usually
  4. I'm hoping the pilot found a soft place to land and that everyone is sitting around trying to keep a fire lit while cussing about the lack of beer. Tomorrows weather is not going to be very helpful though. rain and poor vis illegible usually
  5. I just found out. Really really bad news. That is some of the most remote and toughest terrain in the US. They will need a lot of luck and a speedy rescue. Even as an atheist, I'll say a prayer. What the hell, can't hurt. Red illegible usually
  6. Now you can do it without bothering anyone else... An automated chatbot just for arguments sake. illegible usually
  7. The DZO is Not his dad. The TM in this video is. At one time his dad did own the DZ but that is ancient history. I'm a bit ashamed of Jarret's attitude on this thread, he probably will live long enough to regret what he's said here though. (I really hope so) And Jarret: Attitude really is dangerous - it's attitude more than anything else that causes people to do the stupid shit that kills them. illegible usually
  8. Skydive Toledo is open Friday through Monday. Now that we have a caravan, we are a lot less slow... It's 60 miles straight north from the airport. Skydive oregon is a bit closer and open during the week but either DZ will make you feel welcome. Why not try both? illegible usually
  9. Glad to see you here. Hope to see you at the DZ this weekend. Glad you enjoyed your 1st jump! illegible usually
  10. No you can't get your time back. YES!! The caravan is flying! We had a great day Saturday. Drive down and see us soon. illegible usually
  11. The caravan is here now. Come join us for some good times! illegible usually
  12. Agreed, Almost titled this thread "stupid tandem tricks" Should have just used a hook knife illegible usually
  13. OK, I was f-n off at work and came across this news clip After the BS piece on $15,000 martinis and the funny looking kites, there's a skydiving hairdresser (well, a tandem hairdresser) that tries to give someone a haircut in freefall. enjoy! illegible usually
  14. Sooner than I thought but I think this might be the upgrade I've been waiting for! illegible usually