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  1. I'd have to have a lawyer read the CA laws to know exactly how it's written to be sure. Is the lower considered the firearm? Was the firearm left where kids could get it? Could you be charged for this if CA gets a wild hair? Of course it was meant as humor poking at CA gun/bullet laws, guess it needed a smiley.
  2. Paperweight? If this Polymer lower is not kept locked away in your safe and you have kids you could be charged with improper storage of a firearm.
  3. I am at Canyon Lake in AZ. We are on a chain of 4 lakes with dams that generate power. They will actually pump water back up hill during the low demand/cost hours and then use the same water to generate during peak demand.
  4. chutem

    Blind Spot

    Thanks for participating.
  5. chutem

    Blind Spot I found this piece interesting while looking at ways that I myself might be affected by bias. It appears the more we think we are not biased the more biased we may be. (based on their research) This article presents 12 cognitive biases that prevent us from being rational. My challenge to the group is to identify one or more of the biases that you yourself are affected by without pointing out other poster's bias. For myself, I am affected by Neglecting probability as it relates to firearms in the home and CCW. I'm also interested in your thoughts on the first article.
  6. That along with not replying sounds like a plan. How much self control does it take to not reply to a post that one finds less than worthy of their time?
  7. You win, one can never donate money to an organization they don't agree with 100% on everything. If being a member of the NRA makes me scum "in your world" then scum I am. I bet there is a lot of scum at the DZ you jump at, maybe next time your there you should explain to them what scum they are face to face.
  8. Yes, my money supports everything they do. That does not mean I agree with everything they do. If you are calling me and millions scum for this then Fuck You you self righteous ass. I guess in your world it is only acceptable to donate to organizations that you agree with 100% on everything?
  9. There are plenty of folks who support the NRA and do not agree with every action they take. It is sad that you consider them/us all scum.
  10. This could also be a play for Mormon business as they are big on having a food supply on hand.
  11. Based on special note 2 I don't think I'm violating the on topic tag. Would people be ok with needing license to vote if I submit to needing a license to own a firearm? Note: I already have a CCW permit so have submitted to licensing, but know people who will not get a CCW permit as they don't want their name on a "list".
  12. Wow, that sucks big time. That's a lot to deal with for anyone, let alone an 18yr old.
  13. Please explain a litle? He got drunk with some friends and they broke into a house. He mostly went along because of the girls, but then one of the girls wrote all of their names on a wall with lipstick. We're not talking Bonny and Clyde here. What's the story on the accidentally killed his best friend while cutting firewood thing?
  14. This is copy/paste from a post by "Spizzzarko" a while ago. I thought it was a very good explanation of how to achieve the thread title. Here is a post I made about two stage flares: "I think when people are talking about staged flares they are just passing on bad information! Think of it this way. In its simplest form there are three areas to a landing. 1. Approach 2. Plane out 3. Stopping To transition from your approach to plane out, you need to give input to the canopy whether it is toggles or rears. Now do you stop from there? NO. You have to give more input to the canopy to transition from plane out to stopping, correct? Now I'm going to introduce a little bit more of a radical concept here, so everyone take a second and catch your breath... Let's first of all get rid of this concept of a two or three staged flare. You don't come in flare halfway, stop, and then flare the rest of the way do you? If so you are doing it wrong. Does that method work? Yes, sometimes, but we are a little more advanced than that, aren't we? I believe this concept was brought about by the old timers who were transitioning from F-111 to ZP canopies. They used this when their canopies would balloon up when they flared all the way like they were used to with their F-111's. Let us take the three areas that I spoke of earlier and make them into just one. 1. Landing You need to start thinking this way because, when you are transitioning to smaller faster canopy's, landing doesn't just happen when your altitude reaches zero. Many of the high speed low drag dudes here will probably agree with me that landing for them starts just after they get everything stowed away after opening. Watch them, and talk to them, and you will soon see that every maneuver they make is to set up for landing. There is really no more "Playing Around" when you get to small canopies. Now let us get back to Landing. Your approach flare and stopping should all be one smooth movement. Only flare as much as you need to maintain the altitude above the ground that you want. Try looking at the horizon during this part of you landing. I want you to standup right now and look at a far doorknob or something out your window on the horizon. Now stand on your toes, and then back on your flat feet. Do you see the difference in your sight picture? Now how much have you actually moved? 3 to 4 inches if that. Now that you have that mastered, think about continuing your flare only as much as you need to, so that your sight picture does not change! I told you it was going to get radical! Now that we are flying flat and level over the ground we eventually need to stop. Well just keep flaring, and maintaining your sight picture. Eventually you will have flared so much that your canopy will no longer be able to produce the amount of lift required to hold your body in the air. This is usually when you put your feet down on the ground. I can't tell you how many people I see that don't fly their canopy to it's fullest potential, and then complain that their canopy doesn't have enough flare to support their fat ass's, and that they need to get a Velocity because it has a more powerful flare Learn to flare your canopy all of the way. You should not have to run out your landings very much if you are flaring it correctly, even on low wind to no wind days. If you change your thought process, and learn to fly your canopy to its fullest then you will be unstoppable!"
  15. If he has ownership in sports books probably Mayweather. The sports books stand to lose big if McGregor wins.