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  1. chutem

    Altitrack frozen

    They have a pretty good reputation for customer service, I'd give them a call.
  2. If this was in the last 5 years from the date of the medical application you will need to produce the documents. If you blew .15 or more or refused to blow you will be kicked up to the FAA for a decision. If this happens you should get an AME that knows what he is doing in this situation as one who does not can really drag out the process. Sorry if that was not the side of this you wanted info on. Be careful about counting on a medical certificate that you do not have in your hands, it has cost others considerable money. Good Luck.
  3. chutem


    I wonder what happens if you coat the bottom of a boat with it?
  5. chutem

    Altimeter watches

    No answer, but I find it funny as hell when I clicked on this thread (twice) a suunto ad comes up on the left. James
  6. Try that. James
  7. chutem

    Crossfire2 109 to a Mirage MT ?

    Don't have any idea if it will fit. My question is are you sure you should be flying an xfire II at that wingloading and your jump numbers? James
  8. chutem


    it is quite possible that this is an argument with yourself you may lose. James
  9. chutem

    Used altimeter question

    You might consider asking one of your instructors to test jump it for you and compare to theirs. Also the school might have crude test/calibrate chamber you could run it through. James
  10. Most will say you should have atleast 200 jumps to fly video. James
  11. chutem

    150 Main As Part Of 1st Rig?

    Gravitygirl is on the right track in my opinion. Others may not feel the same. I'd say stick with the better safe than sorry plan. Plenty of time to downsize later. James
  12. Sounds good. I'll be there monday morning. Do you have your A yet? If so look me up we can make a jump. I'll be the short guy with the desert camo pants. Hope to meet you there. Have fun and be safe. James
  13. chutem

    Where can i get ..........

    In the rw forum on the first page is a thread called "random dive pool". There is a link to the team fasttrax website and the info you are looking for. Sorry I don't know how to link you directly to it. James
  14. chutem


    Congrats, keep on flying. James
  15. chutem

    HURRY UP !

    Thanks for giving a shit. I make every effort to be ready to jump when I board, but it's always nice to know that people are watching out for us "new guys". James