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  1. I've been out of the game a few years but George has been nothing but a pleasure to work with when I had a problem. He went above and beyond for me. I would buy again in a heartbeat. "GOT LEAD?"
  2. I havent jumped in 3 yrs but keep my gear around for when the bug bites me again. As said before, TSO23b get you past the harness weight limits. Again I have been out of the sport for a few years but I have jumped being as heavy as 375lbs out the door. I presently own a Vector custom built rig, Precision/Icarus 330 (tandem canopy) and a Strong Mighty Mak (337.5) reserve. I am not one to take no for an answer hence the "tandem" canopies that I used to jump. If you find yourself in a situation where "they" will not let you jump because of gear, maybe I could help ya out. email [email protected] since I am not on this site all that often. good luck! "GOT LEAD?"
  3. Thanks for the responses, I would also think the "waiver" should cover my butt. If any DZ is interested I would indeed be willing to rent out the rig. I should still have all the TSO and letters and tests done on the gear certified to 400+ lbs on the reserve. Actually the harness is built HEAVIER then a tandem. Type this and that webbing versus this and that webbing......been outta the game so long I have forgot alot of the terminolgy and what not. "GOT LEAD?"
  4. I have been out of the game for a lil over two years now. So, HI everyone that knows me! Anyhow. I have my rig that has been sitting for a few years and it just seems like a waste letting it sit and not be used. I have had several questions from big gys asking me questions about big boy rigs and what not. So I have been thinking about renting out my rig so the big boys can get in the air. My question is this: What kind of liability issues could I get myself into by renting it out? Specs: Vector 3 PA Tandem 330 Strong Mighty Mak 335 reserve Vigil The only thing I would need to add is the secondary pilot chute handle. What you guys think? "GOT LEAD?"
  5. im not a pusyy and I am not stupid either. The rig is staying home on this one "GOT LEAD?"
  6. if im being stupid I will the rig at home. Maybe I should rethink the whole idea of the Hawaii thing. "GOT LEAD?"
  7. Tell me more, of course wind is a good thing on the north shore. Outs could be an issue, but how different can it be? "GOT LEAD?"
  8. Well kinda. I am leaving for Hawaii tomorrow, and its the one place I BEG to jump. I need a repack and since it has basically been one year since my last jump, I need a repack and a coach for this one, anyone know the Hawaii peeps? "GOT LEAD?"
  9. Chad, UPT will build that rig for anyone (as far as I know). Basically it is a SOV (special operations Vector) which is a V3 but the secondary riser covers and trulock toggles are not options on it. You would be hard pressed to tell the difference from looking at it. My recomendation is to ask them to retro fit the magnet covers though. My rigger used the magnets for the Sigma and it has worked wonderfully. If I remember correctly they only charged me $200 more than a V3. The Harness AND risers are heavier than a tandem, and it fits wonderfully. The only beef if you want to call it that is, the reserve container is for a 300ish (335 in mine so a tad snug) and the main container is designed for the Silloutte 360 (330 in mine tad loose). Other than that I LOVE it. "GOT LEAD?"
  10. I for the first time am 100% comfortable in my gear. Harness/container has the b TSO and it states "limited only to the reserves maximum load" and my reserves has a 444lbs max limit on it. The main is 525lbs. My container is actually built heavier than a tandem. chad you know know what I am using and let me tell you a rig under 40lbs is so much nicer than the XX stuff. "GOT LEAD?"
  11. I was thinking of driving up to Vegas tonight andget a few jumps in. I looked at my riggy and I need a repack.....yeah leave it to me to wait til the last minute. I am south of Fresno so any riggers between here and Mesquite that could do it this afternoon (in Cali) or tomorrow morning in NV would be like heaven! Of course I am willing to pay a bit more and a bottle of your choice! Help a brotha out! "GOT LEAD?"
  12. Thanks for posting the ugliest pic of me ever.....IDIOT! "GOT LEAD?"
  13. Not knowing where you are from and not reading all the posts. Come to Cali and I will get you in the air hell or high water. "GOT LEAD?"