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  1. Thanks everyone. seriously. I will definitely be calling the place in Texas and in Mississippi, as well as the wind tunnel. I have been looking around at places on the internet now I know to call. I don't know about $10K, I could do $1K but before I go spending more than that I would like to jump at least once so that I know that I like it.
  2. I really would like to go skydiving but have been running into problems with the weight restrictions. ((all the places that I have found will not let you go if you are over 220lbs)) The problem that I have is that I am a big guy. I am about 6'7" and weight 270lbs. While I am not a pro athlete I am in good physical condition, I run, do weightlifting and in general am a pretty active person. Does anyone have any advice on this. I am willing to travel to anywhere in the Eastern Portion of the United States as this is something that I would really like to do.