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  1. Hi im thinking of doing this camp, are they any good for low-timers? I have around 120 jumps now and really keen to improve FAST! I live in London so sounds like could be a good way to imrpve quickly and easier the going to America again!!!!!
  2. And i respect and appreciate everyones opinion on here, i will give them all due thought. Thanks Lisa
  3. er well SORRY but not everything always turns out the same for everyone there is such a thing as free choice you know!
  4. seems like people are happy to make personal attacks on my guy who they havnt even met so whats the diference.
  5. And how come you can be so sure???? Liek the other guy said he met his wife of 13 years when she was doing her 1st jump course, not everyone is as shallow as your'e statment.
  6. You dont know that you might want to get it on with me to you know! He is a great instrcutor to, he always tells me what i have done wrong and helps me get better each level. Sounds to me your jealous, maybe you dont get much business doing AFF at your dz???? And try to take the moral highground? You dont actually know this guy though so you are just guessing really, thanks for the advise though I will consider it all!!!!
  7. He is v sweet and romantic and is very good with his children, its not just about looks you know. i dont think he is as bad as what you think he could have waited yes but we just were crazy for each other, is that WRONG??? And it would of been the same outcome anyway if we are gonna be in love then we would no matter how we got together? He doesnt have a goat sock shit personality anyway and certainly no great credit card spender, he spends most his $$$ on maintenance payments anyway is very kind, compared to what he tells me about some of the other poeple in the sport!! I think its good of him to protect me from some of the freaks at the dz anyway!
  8. wow thanks for the sympathy, wish you were my instrcutor! not I guess you are right, should not have bothered you with my questions i am obviously an idiot dont worry i will deal with my shit on my own. Oh yes and i havent put my dz down i did not realize people could check up but now Im glad i didnt!!!!
  9. Yes but i dont mind him helping me, I think it brings us closer you know, or maybe I should put him on a sex ban until I have 1000 jumps?!!! I think i would prefer to jump with him and have him teaching me anyway whatever - he is really safe and has loads of experience in everything, he has my best interestes at heart Im sure, in fact he tries to keep me away from some of the other more zany dz crowd, some of them seem pretty loose, drugs and everything, its nice to have a guy who knows what hes doing and looking out for me (he is quite a bit older than me) when I feel quite new and some of the stuff about skydiving totally freaks me out!! The whole scene and all. I dont know maybe I should be more scepticle, he did come on pretty strong when we got together but I thought it was just cuz he was way into me you know? Like on my Level 5 actually,we were in the plane, he goes, 'the hardest thing about doing AFF with you is looking into your beautiful eyes in freefall'. I thought it was WAY CUTE!!!! Wow i wonder if its his standard line????? I didnt realise people thought it was so bad for an instructor to do it with his students but i guess maybe it is a bit like a doctor and patient???? Oh man I dont know now what can I do to be sure I am not being taken for a fool???? I dont really know anyone much at the DZ, just him. sorry for venting guys, you guys are cool
  10. Well i was just wondeirng if i was a bit crazy??? Maybe it would be better to only date guys with the same experience level, meaning only instrcutors can sleep with each other lol
  11. Ok maybe you are right, do you think it wouldnt be as bad if say i had 1000 jumps and he was coaching me in bigways or something, I mean if the man has more experience than the woman is it as bad, or is it especially bad if he is actually your instructor when you are learning and scared (i am quite scared when i jump now actually!!!!) Yes I wonder, well actually he does have a great butt, I aint kidding!!!! If he was a garbage man, I dont know, I guess i wouldn't respect him as much, at least if you are an instructor it shows something about your character,that you are determined and proffesional? Or maybe not if he sleeps with his students! No offence to garbage men im sure they are all very proffesional to you know what i mean!! Myabe more so, maybe instructors do it so they can sleep with more girls!!!????
  12. Yes i am how did you know????? No I will not be posting that picture i dont have a red ribbon, and anyway it would roin his surprize what if he saw it on here???????
  13. Thanks Katie but I am already sleeping with him so I think ill be ok on this side of things!!!
  14. Thanks a lot! Yes all men are different you know - i am not attracted to him because he has 3000 jumps, maybe he is very kind with a nice butt???? Anyway never mind what skydiving girls look for what do men look for or arent they fussy, anything as long as its female and has less jumps so is impressed by him and his awesome skydiving, is that it, is it only just ego????
  15. yes maybe but he seems like a nice guy to or do you think its because he has saved my life!!! (kind of) when we jump??? i know he used to date another girl at the dz actually before he met me (and he left his wife for her) but he said its different with me and truthfuly I think he does seem to be geuninely kind, he often spend time showing me stuff about safety and body position and things, he seems to be a proffesional!!! Oh no now I am all worried that maybe Ive been stupid, I guess not much point asking on here (but thanks though) cuz you dont really know me or him but I just thougt maybe you guys would have some experience I mean, maybe its like that thing where gilrs fall for their doctor or shrink or whatever?