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  1. Its been months since my last jump as well, In fact havent jumped since October due to weather (Have trained recently though) and im shitting myself, 10% of me want's to do it and 90% doesnt. But i know that after iv done the first jump of the day it will be the other way around. But it still doesnt stop the brown trousers time. Hopefully be jumping 2moro so ill see you then jumpmunki - Ill be the one that looks petrified.
  2. Thanks to eveyone for there replys, Usefull info.
  3. Hi ross, The piolet chute cleared itself and it was a slow spin to the left (i think)
  4. After a nerve recking jump (Fist time pulling on alti after an unintended unstable exit) i had a really hard opening. my instructor described it as the piolet shute burbled for a bit then the canopy flew out and snapped open in about 1/4 of the time it should have taken. Caused me alot of pain. When i landed i talked to the guy that packed and he said he packed in a new way he had been told to pack but it shouldnt have caused such a harsh opening. Could this have been my body position or was it the pack? and how often should i expect opening like this? Second question, i have problems keeping my head up while in freefall which means without noticing im bringing my arm in to check my alti causing me to slowley spin. Iv done god knows how much practice on the ground but i cant seam to get in right in the air. Anyone got any suggestions that could help?
  5. YEY - Iv been waiting for this day all my life (Well at least since the site went down )
  6. Do a search on hear and google - Iv read 3 or 4 quite good stories.
  7. Im thinking of getting one of someone under a canopy with the word skydive writen below it. What ya think?
  8. I learnt this the hard way, i got my friend to do his first jump when he really wasnt too keen on it and he has seriously hurt himself and will be on crutches for quite some time, but at least he doesnt blame me.
  9. For me its the same as this guy
  10. Its alot more than what a reporter said, It was about the dosier that was given to the government about weapons of mass destruction in iraq
  11. Sorry but alot of that report was quite a bit of crap.
  12. Just saw another scetch with a guy that gives a letter for his wife if anything goes wrong to the JM and then jumps, A load of blood comes in the door, and the next student is his wife, He gives her the note and pushes her out.
  13. I read something in the daily star 2day, ill post the full article 2moro sometime, Its titled Skydiver: We know the killer.....And we'll nail him, say cops. The outline of it is that they know the identity of the killer but they are just wanting them to confess, The dectective thinks they have been delibretly lied to and they are certain it was someone who knew him. They are closing in on the killer day by day. As i say i will post the full story tomoro if no one else has.