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  1. pyke

    DZs in New Zealand

    PM me your itinerary and I can tell you what is close to where you'll be, and where you should not miss if you're close enough.
  2. pyke

    skydive opelika

    Chuck Blue (aka SkymonkeyONE) jumps out there on occasion... ...but that could be because his Pops owns it!! I keep meaning to check it out....I wish they would throw a boogie once in a while!! I need an excuse to check them out!
  3. pyke

    Skydiving in New Zealand/Australia

    Search for New Zealand on this thread...and you'll find COUNTLESS detailed descriptions of dz's. If you have any questions - PM me...I can help.
  4. Wouldn't hurt...and if you can get any other ratings b/w now and then - that would help 'sell' you more, I'm sure. I don't believe most dropzones would take a 'walk-on' camera guy, but if you were a tandem/camera/packer-guy - they could probably put you to work. It might pay to start an email campaign now...try to get some contacts down there - tell them your experience, send them some examples of your best work...SELL YOURSELF. Who knows...might have a job waiting for you by that time! On a personal note - PM me & let me know how you come along...I'm interested in doing the same thing in a couple of years...if not moving down there altogether!
  5. pyke

    Winter Jumping in New Zealand ??

    PM me...depending on where you'll be there's usually places to jump...but bring your warm clothes!!!
  6. pyke

    blind jumpers?????

    There is a gent in New Zealand named Greg(?) Stubbs (nick is "Stubbs-y") who, when I was jumping with him, had 30% of his natural vision. Basically - no direct/frontal vision - pretty good, but hazy peripheral vision. He had over 1200 jumps when I jumped with him, and man - that dude could FLY HIS ASS OFF! He was doing advanced four-way, but much to the humour of those jumping with him. He went off colours of jumpsuits for his if he couldn't find the right colour - he would circle the formation until he found it...then do a sharp 90 and take his slot. Too funny if you were in the base waiting for him!! He was jumping actively when I left New Zealand 4+ years ago, and I *hope* is still jumping. To look at him in a group situation, you wouldn't know he was blind, and to see him fly or land, you couldn't tell, but talking one on one with him - it was obvious. Great guy, excellent skydiver, and inspiration to many! B/w Stubbsy and BV - I'd say that there is little that would stop me from recommending skydiving to ANYONE!
  7. pyke

    Skydive Lake Wanaka Ltd

    It has been a couple years since I jumped in Wanaka, but I can assure anyone interested in jumping while in the area....THIS IS ONE JUMP YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS! If you watched "Lord of the Rings (1&2)" for the scenery (which I did)...than this makes good on ALL the majestic beauty you can't grasp from celluloid. The views on the way up are 360degrees of pure beauty. What isn't there to love about high mountains close-by, a huge, beautiful lake, and the S. Alps in the distance?!!! The group in Wanaka are very nice...I can only say that from a social point of view, as we were up there with our own plane (DCD!) taking advantage of their run-way for a boogie. But, the group from Wanaka made us feel very welcome, enjoyed many jumps with us, and even coordinated a few big ways with both planes. Next to the awesome memories I have of learning how to jump over the beautiful Otago Peninsula....these are the most STUNNING AERIALS in the WORLD!!