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  1. slotperfect

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    I no longer see a way to hide the Forum Descriptions? Did I miss it somewhere? Those of us who have been here for a while don't need them and it makes for less scrolling . . .
  2. slotperfect

    Advert question

    1) Click on the drop-down menu arrow next to your Profile photo in the blue banner, top right 2) Click on "My Adverts" 3) Click on the ad you wish to delete 4) Scroll down past the ad and the split blue banners 5) Click on the "Advert Actions" drop-down menu 6) Choose "Delete" Note: There may be an "Are You Sure?" step after this - I didn't want to delete my own active ad trying it. If you just want to *edit* the ad, follow steps 1-5 above, but choose "Edit" from the "Advert Actions drop-down menu. Make your edits and save using the button at the bottom.
  3. Time Left: 11 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Posted on behalf of Strong Enterprises STELLAR 120 RESERVES - 2 AVAILABLE 7-Cells, 0-3 cfm material 725 Spectra w/Stainless Steel Rapids Links Max Exit Weight: 144 lbs Pack Volume: 265 cu. in. TSO C-23c, Cat B Solid Orange DOM MAY 2015 Condition: New (0 packs, 0 jumps) Reason for selling: Clearance items $595 each


    Orlando, Florida - US

  4. slotperfect

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Having used the new format since day one . . . I love it overall, it has been long overdue. I visit the forums mainly from a desktop, but the occasional need for Smart Phone visits are FAR easier for my old eyes than the previous web page view. The only two things I haven't gotten used to yet: I am routinely clicking on the "Dropzones" link from the banner looking for the Forums. I think that must have been the previous position for the Forums link. I make a conscious decision to "Mark Forum As Read" and have to go through the "Are You Sure?" pop-up, which is always redundant for me. It gets in the way of moving on to the next Forum to read. Highlight for me is the classifieds, which are LIGHT YEARS better than they used to be. I also like the new Q&A Forum, although I haven't gone full-immersion there yet.
  5. slotperfect


    Time Left: 16 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Posted on behalf of Strong Enterprises QUASAR II TRAINER STUDENT RIG Reserve: Stellar 240 Mains: ZP-EXE 285 Step-In Leg Straps; Adjustable Main Lift Webs AFF - Throw-Out Pilot Chute w/Reserve Side Instructor Assist Handle Static Line included No AADs Container color pattern varies slightly between - Black/Smoke/Navy Blue DOM July 2018; packed once, 0 jumps. From a cancelled order; embroidery for the intended Customer on on main side flap and mud flap. $2,500 Will sell with or without Main Canopy - call for pricing.


    Orlando, Florida - US

  6. slotperfect

    Military HALO opening altitude?

    IIRC the US Military's definition of HAHO includes openings above 6,000 FT AGL, and overall minimum opening altitude being 3,500 FT AGL. Thus, a HALO would include openings 3,500 - 6,000 FT AGL. You may also see "HAMO" which refers to openings (roughly) in the 8K to 10K range, but that's not an official term.
  7. "D.B. Cooper: The Real Story" Google Play Store; I heard it can be had through the Apple Store as well.
  8. I have met Carl Laurin and have talked with him at length about Walter Peca (Reca), and have seen some of the supporting documents and photos he has gathered over so many years. Last weekend my wife and I downloaded the new documentary - VERY well done, and quite telling. In our first two meetings, Carl subtly "tested" me by giving me just a little information about Walter Peca, who was in two photos in a Michigan Skydiving Team collage on my office wall. When he understood that I was not prone to dismissing theories about DB Cooper's identity, he shared more information with me - along with some incredible stories about wingsuit jumps in the 1950's and some of his aviation feats. Carl is the real deal - I believe his account. I leave the rest to you . . .
  9. slotperfect

    ISO RW-6 rings

    Shoot me an email at work and I will take a look on Monday.
  10. slotperfect

    Bail out from the TBM Avenger over Arizona

    YouTube video slide show tells the story . . .
  11. slotperfect

    Bail out from the TBM Avenger over Arizona

    Both rigs were packed here at Strong by one of our Senior Riggers - he is in his 30th year with the company. A very humble man, he is grateful that both souls onboard walked away with only minor injuries.
  12. slotperfect

    Bail out from the TBM Avenger over Arizona

    Strong 306 Para-Cushions w/26 FT Mid-Lite canopies
  13. slotperfect

    Strong Pop Top chest container PC options?

    Terry, The Strong Lil Grabber is a suitable substitute. I am told that this reserve was TSO'd with the Strong 26' Lo-Po and 24 FT Flat Circular modified by Strong with a tri-vent steering modification as the only acceptable canopies. I have a serviceable Lil Grabber that came off a trade-in canopy that's yours for the asking. Give me a call (407) 859-9317 6 AM to 4:30 PM Mon-Thurs (closed Fri). We can catch up then you can get more history on that reserve from our powers-that-be. My email is - I'm not in the forums nearly as often as I used to be. I'm out of the office tomorrow, but I will be monitoring email . . . Be well, Mate.
  14. slotperfect

    Hal Spence

    My Wife Robin and I have a strong connection to Hal. First and foremost he was our friend (as Skymama said, he had lots of them). He also married the two of us and set us upon our lifelong journey as Soul Mates. We chose him with no other options and he agreed without reservation. To say he was unique is an understatement . . . he holds the distinction of being beyond description. To say he will be missed does not do the emotion justice. I called him "Haloycius," but he always reminded me of Eddie Haskell from "Leave It To Beaver." Either one resulted in a smile. His influence on all of us will never fade. Fair winds and following seas, Dear Friend . . .
  15. slotperfect