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  1. If anyone wants to take a look and try on mine is for sale and sitting in Flight 1 at Deland. Selling as have 3 rigs.
  2. Thanks good to know, explains why he is invisible. Hope he is enjoying ICE.
  3. Because I will pay £700 in import duty and tax as its a nightmare here to prove you already own the equipment. Plus more flyers in USA than UK. Hence why offering it in USA. I may just head over and bring back myself.
  4. Anyone know Nanda Naing, jumps in Deland. Agreed to buy my Aurora container back in January, shipped container to Deland and was promised payment. No payment arrived, promised transfer would be made then heard nothing. Then contacted by his sister who said he had been in an accident and recuperating. Weeks go by, then she says she will make payment in 1-2 weeks. You guessed it 4 weeks on and nothing and now no contact at all. Not responding to calls or texts. Luckily my container is being securely held by Flight 1 in Deland. However if anyone has contact details for Nanda that would be good as this looks highly suspicious to put it mildly.
  5. Your hilarious, you actually think buying a new AAD is a credible solution, far better he talk to Airtec a German company and get their advice they work with the airline carriage approvals team and therefore are in a far better position to advise, over the advice to sell your equipment and buy new which is totally impractical.
  6. I love this, so every time you go to a boogie in another country you can pay a rigger for a repack and have to buy a new AAD, then get in installed, so all you have to do is pay for rigger to remove, pay to ship your rig and then joy of selling your AAD and buying a new one, cant imagine why we don't all do this what a great idea, so simple and hassle free. I would talk to Airtec GmBh and get their advice.
  7. Agreed, but we all do that anyway, so this kind of a big opportunity with the time we have to really focus on something and get to really understand it. Though Friday Freakouts are in themselves a pretty cool training aid, though the comments often contain a lot of BS.
  8. So with a huge number of DZ's now shut and likely all shut within weeks if not days what to do? Browse social media, get depressed.... No? How about you decide what 2 sets of skills you really need to learn about: 1. Core survival skills; e.g. what to do in a 2 out, landing out, wingsuit malfunction, tail hang up, first aid for jumpers, the list is endless 2. Flight skills, whether canopy or human flight, e.g. how basic canopy aerodynamics work, the affect of pressure, temp, humidity, elevation on your canopy. The mental drills and physical drills for safe approach or breakoff in your discipline? There is a huge amount of info our there and from trusted sources whether proven credible individuals or companies, organisation, set out what you want to learn and set out a programme, the resources are in written word, audio and high quality video, images. Lets use this time to learn and keep our minds current and hopefully in 2-3 months (fingers crossed) we are back in the air and have a safe sharp mindset. All the best and stay safe but have fun. Feel free to respond with links to great resources e.g.: Canopy Handling/skills/general resources: Awesome interview series: Cheers Fraser Insta:@verticalflyer2020
  9. Bungee Tandem, student leads, instructor follows
  10. Interesting, I use a 120 spectre at 1.9 loading and Opt 126 for last 1400 jumps zero issues. All depends on being able to pack, deploy and land safely. Used it on my 35k jump and it was great. Its not all about size.
  11. Soude how good are you at stitching and accurately cutting wing profiles. Good luck and post what you build, would be great to see end product.
  12. Soude you might well design one in CAD but you still have to actually build it your going to test in a wind tunnel. Also wind tunnel testing will not give you all the answers, human body shapes vary and you would also need an understanding of what you want the suit for, all rounder, acro, speed, glide? All have different characteristics, it will be very difficult if you have no skydiving understanding to design a viable suit from scratch, safety is a huge part of the design. Good luck.
  13. Aurora Shots for you. IgnoreO2 bottle pouch on side.
  14. I have used a Spectre 120 for the last 1000 wingsuit jumps loaded at 1.9 2 line twists zero chops, flying Vampire Alpine, Havok Carve, Strix, nice snively on heading openings, so all I would say is body position is 90% 7 cell is the rest. Winsguit market is now big enough for manufacturers to produce wingsuit specific canopies so they have, but there are already some great mains out there that do the job. So if your on a budget there are still good used kit available that's perfectly safe, if you want to buy new great but demo first as these designs are all new and if your going to shell out make sure you love it.
  15. Yes only had it on for project, you would have to be slightly odd to wander around with sleeve on afterwards, unless you were desperate to be asked what it was all the time. Cheers Fraser