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    Javelin Aurora

    Tried that but still way too easy to pull out and catch in aircraft.
  2. verticalflyer

    Javelin Aurora

    I got my rigger to split the BOC into 2 with a simple stitch line and add a bridle cover, I can now select either a top BOC pouch or bottom, as I also was concerned about loos BOC. works nicely now, cost all of $20 and about 30 mins work, images attached, several friends have now made the mod also.
  3. verticalflyer

    Flysight vs GoPro

    Well it seems to work. However the reason I use a flysight are: Small - sits unobtrusively on back of helmet Charge - single charge lasts all day no problem Automated viewer is very easy to use and already built- plug and play Performance feedback - Realtime in ear comms to either navigate or improve performance or give altitude keys or all three The additional hz data for me is not worth it I can see meter by meter already! I don't need cm by cm
  4. verticalflyer


    I am sure its a lovely canopy but have to laugh at all the marketing blurb "best in class opening behaviour " according to what, that rigorous 1000's of jumps with every other canopy in this class! ;) I am sure its a great canopy but so many capable wingsuit canopies out there now. The only concern I have heard is around low bulk materials wearing out pretty damn quick compared to traditional zp materials.
  5. verticalflyer

    Spectre 120 reline with Vectran

    Thanks for everyone's input, Vectran lines now in place by my own rigger here in the UK no just waiting for small bit of sunshine to fly.
  6. verticalflyer

    Spectre 120 reline with Vectran

    Just wondering any experience with relining a spectre 120 with Vectran rather than Spectra or Dacron. Also why PD dont offer Vectran as a reline option for spectre's? Life of lineset vs benefit of remaining in trim.
  7. verticalflyer

    MUST READ article for all WS pilots interested in BASE

    Excellent write up and nice to hear super frank discussion.
  8. verticalflyer

    Wingsuit World Record

    A team calling themselves the icarus wingsuit project on FB were saying they were going to 45,000ft in September 2016 with a new suit they designed themselves. But looks like it never happened. Other than that am sure there will be formation records in the offing.
  9. verticalflyer

    Wingsuit Indicated Airspeed

    I find flysight is pretty good. Good luck trying to model airflow over a dynamically changing wing with different air densities on different days and altitudes and temperatures. As for IPR anything you create whilst working for a company is generally their IPR.
  10. verticalflyer

    Lost leg zipper slider on PF P2z

    Tailors or sewing shop should be able to help you, I replaced all zipper holders with split rings and you can put a blob of glue at the end of the teeth on with side which will stop this ever happening.
  11. verticalflyer

    Choices, Choices: Pilot-Chute-In-Tow Malfunctions and You

    The age old debate, Kudos for raising this. A couple of additions which I think maybe worth a mention. Firstly altitude, what is your hard deck if you are above your hard deck, you pack for yourself (are competent) and jumping a modern well maintained kit then I personally would attempt a 1 shot clear whilst still above my hard deck. Having had 2 PC in tows and cleared both; 1st Pc in two Teflon cables fitted instead of curved closing pin resulted in PC in tow on first jump after Modification. I reached around and physically pulled bridle and cleared it. Second instance PC in tow behind my Viper wingsuit, had not shut down leg wing as much as I could, I shut it down shook left then right and cleared it. If I was below hard deck I would be doing full procedures cutway and pull reserve. However I always take an extra 1000ft altitude over personal hard deck, 5 secs extra freefall time vs time to deal with any issues is not a hard personal choice. I jump standard kit for all my jump whether freefly or wingsuit or any other discipline, however if your flying a very long bridle as some do then this could also be something to think about with avoiding main reserve entanglements. No time to think what you might do in these situations you need to have decided before and have that muscle memory drilled for each scenario you can think of.
  12. verticalflyer

    What To Ask Yourself Before You Mess With Your AAD

    Councilman24 comments spot on multiple differences in AAD design and operation. Take away read the manual of your AAD not a confusing article for the masses. Also starting articles with statements around 9 AAD fatalities and then failing to qualify a single credible source is not great or any real detail that supports the argument as if in each case the AAD was the real problem.
  13. verticalflyer

    Squirrel Reveal Wingsuit Targeted Epicene Canopy

    Squirrel Epicene manual has an interesting point, their words not mine, "It may be necessary to change your pilot chute for non wingsuit jumps". Nice so you fancy a freefly etc type jump and you may need to swap out your PC what a great feature, but all the promo stuff says its good to go. Not very intelligent.
  14. verticalflyer

    Squirrel Reveal Wingsuit Targeted Epicene Canopy

    Perhaps Ellen should have got some decent deployment/packing coaching as apparently she was constantly in line twists and apparently you turn up to DZ's and wingsuiters are cutting away all the time ;) Nice marketing but not really accurate. 1 cutaway in 2002 and over1500 wingsuit jumps with around 900 jumps on massive suits. Currently flying a Viper largest wingsuit ever built with a Spectre 120. So the messaging is not very accurate if your jumping a non elliptical 7 cell, of which their are plenty out their already suitable for Wingsuiting.
  15. verticalflyer

    Luke Aikins Planning No-Parachute Jump From 25 000ft

    Rvonburger. Really you think we will all be jumping without rigs and tracking to our landing net. We must be living on different planets. This is a stunt. However if we are all doing this in 2 years I'll buy the beers.
  16. verticalflyer

    Luke Aikins Planning No-Parachute Jump From 25 000ft

    Interesting stunt, but Why? Purely a spectacle or is this going to advance something what are we missing?
  17. verticalflyer

    Big suit emergency pull technice

    Never needed it had about 3 mega spins over the years, all recoverable with arch or wing collapse and return to flight. I would be very wary unless all other options are gone of deploying in a back to earth head down or heavily angled attitude, lines and feet etc not a good combination. So would stick to what works unless you have zero option and at your personal hard deck.
  18. verticalflyer

    New WS deployment method "wingtip pouch"

    Interesting but I dont see the need and it opens up another link in the deployment procedure that could go wrong. I am all for innovation just dont see the advantage in this idea.
  19. verticalflyer

    Implications of Recent Tracking, Tracing and Wingsuit Incidents

    Great article glad you were able to use one of my shots. Cheers Fraser
  20. verticalflyer

    Tracking Group

  21. verticalflyer

    Wingsuit HALO Cloud

  22. verticalflyer

    RAF Falcons display team?

    I can pass your thanks on next time I am at Brize Norton.
  23. verticalflyer

    Best POV Action Camera Shootout: 6 Challengers Reviewed

    Great article, thorough testing and very helpful, would be very interested in your comparison tests with the GP3 as I am looking to buy in the next 2 3 months for the new season post watching it rain till Feb ;) Thanks again for a great article, Fraser
  24. verticalflyer

    Sunset Track

  25. verticalflyer

    Track formation