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    "long" WS containers - who makes them?

    Aurora Shots for you. IgnoreO2 bottle pouch on side.
  2. verticalflyer

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    I have used a Spectre 120 for the last 1000 wingsuit jumps loaded at 1.9 2 line twists zero chops, flying Vampire Alpine, Havok Carve, Strix, nice snively on heading openings, so all I would say is body position is 90% 7 cell is the rest. Winsguit market is now big enough for manufacturers to produce wingsuit specific canopies so they have, but there are already some great mains out there that do the job. So if your on a budget there are still good used kit available that's perfectly safe, if you want to buy new great but demo first as these designs are all new and if your going to shell out make sure you love it.
  3. verticalflyer

    Javelin Aurora

    Yes only had it on for project, you would have to be slightly odd to wander around with sleeve on afterwards, unless you were desperate to be asked what it was all the time. Cheers Fraser
  4. verticalflyer

    Javelin Aurora

    Oxygen bottle sleeve with O2, for 35k jump.
  5. verticalflyer

    Javelin Aurora

    Tried that but still way too easy to pull out and catch in aircraft.
  6. verticalflyer

    Javelin Aurora

    I got my rigger to split the BOC into 2 with a simple stitch line and add a bridle cover, I can now select either a top BOC pouch or bottom, as I also was concerned about loos BOC. works nicely now, cost all of $20 and about 30 mins work, images attached, several friends have now made the mod also.
  7. verticalflyer

    Flysight vs GoPro

    Well it seems to work. However the reason I use a flysight are: Small - sits unobtrusively on back of helmet Charge - single charge lasts all day no problem Automated viewer is very easy to use and already built- plug and play Performance feedback - Realtime in ear comms to either navigate or improve performance or give altitude keys or all three The additional hz data for me is not worth it I can see meter by meter already! I don't need cm by cm
  8. verticalflyer

    What do you think of the new format?

    The amount of white space is nuts, I used to be able to scroll visually down all the forums and then threads once in one domain area and quickly see any update or interesting thread, now its scroll, scroll, scroll, how this is an advancement is beyond me. As it now makes use of the site much, much, slower, I also use on phone and there was never an issue, modern smart phone screens are huge so where was the problem. It also appears to be painfully slow to load over the old version, which you clicked a link and where instantly there.
  9. verticalflyer

    USED CYPRES Price Calculator?

  10. verticalflyer

    USED CYPRES Price Calculator?

    Anyone know where the used CYPRES calculator is an old thread on this has 2 dead links. Thanks Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  11. verticalflyer

    Aerodynamic Helmets

    It appears that the guys winning in this discipline consistently are not down to wearing dorky helmets. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  12. verticalflyer

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    This subject has been discussed ad nauseam for well over a decade. Sort your body position out. If your getting twists on tiny suits its usually 95% body position unless your highly loading an elipitical, pack like a drunk monkey or have managed to get your line trim way out. Get a decent coach who teaches you to fly properly not suggest toys to fix. Invest money in jumps not new shiney toys. I use a Spectre 120 at 1.8 on an Alpine 2 its about body position not just canopy. Last serious line twists 2002 hercules boogie on a Silhoutte 150. Nothing since on last 2000 wingsuit jumps. Get your flying sorted. If you change canopy 7 cell multiple options as already discussed. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  13. verticalflyer


    I am sure its a lovely canopy but have to laugh at all the marketing blurb "best in class opening behaviour " according to what, that rigorous 1000's of jumps with every other canopy in this class! ;) I am sure its a great canopy but so many capable wingsuit canopies out there now. The only concern I have heard is around low bulk materials wearing out pretty damn quick compared to traditional zp materials. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  14. verticalflyer

    Spectre 120 reline with Vectran

    Thanks for everyone's input, Vectran lines now in place by my own rigger here in the UK no just waiting for small bit of sunshine to fly. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  15. verticalflyer

    Indoor wingsuit tunnel feedback

    Nice report James looking forward to heading over myself . Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  16. verticalflyer

    Spectre 120 reline with Vectran

    Thanks for that info certainly makes sense. Will discuss with my rigger. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  17. verticalflyer

    Spectre 120 reline with Vectran

    Just wondering any experience with relining a spectre 120 with Vectran rather than Spectra or Dacron. Also why PD dont offer Vectran as a reline option for spectre's? Life of lineset vs benefit of remaining in trim. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  18. verticalflyer

    How many jumps before your first WS jump

    1st Wingsuit jump 2001 there were 3 of us in the country I had 700 jumps at the time. Freefly before hand made life easier in terms of being comfortable flying any orientation. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  19. verticalflyer

    Aurora container

    I will post a detailed review and video shortly. The container is very well made extended body of container makes for very easy pulls. Its slim line design also means it feels more comfortable in the aircraft. Though the primary focus is safery and performance. Super clean deployments never say never but very hard to get lime twists. The magnetic risers work nicely the overal design integrates very cleanly with the wingsuit and it does what it says on the tin. I jump an odyssey normally whoch is also a great container but the Aurora reduces chance of bag tumbling out of tray as the whole tray opens very cleanly. Overall great design and if you want a dedicated wingsuit system you cant go wrong. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  20. verticalflyer

    Vampire 3?

    The GS1 from Jii wings came before all of them and was way bigger than any other suit around at the time 2004. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  21. verticalflyer

    Wingsuit World Record

    Jhonny delivered and made it happen awesome pilot and person :) Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  22. verticalflyer

    Wingsuit World Record

    Lurch your right this appears to have gone nowhere other than generating lots of hype and ill informed fanboys. They claim in an interview with the Royal Aero society to have jumped from 35,000ft however a bit of searching and nothing appears to have actually happened. As for aerodynamics whilst its fun to talk about huge aerodynamic advances and 5:1 glide ratios the reality is no suit no jump and no evidence. How do you get that advanced suit and then trash all its advancements with cameras and oxygen systems. I cant see the major O2 system manufacturers bending over to develop tailored solutions for a one of jump which as soon as you mount masks bailout bottles and hose removes all advantages due to drag. In addition statements about borrowing a C17 show no knowledge of these aircraft. Whilst they may have a max operational ceiling of 45k they do this pressurized not unpressurized which opens up multiple challenges for all on board. Any jump at this altitude is on the margins with pressure breathing and pressure suits yet they seem to think they will just rock up and jump. They are also claiming they are targeting 280 mph which seems fictional at best without a major tail wind. This was all supposed to have been completed October but bar a new helmet and some pretty cfd it looks like this is all hot air to put it mildly. Tragically according to the project leaders page they forgot to turn on the flysight for the test jumps in the algarve with the new helmet they must have just kept forgetting as no data but they did get some lovely pictures, and they say they flew distances that indicate a 5:1 glide but alas no data. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  23. verticalflyer

    MUST READ article for all WS pilots interested in BASE

    Excellent write up and nice to hear super frank discussion. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  24. verticalflyer

    Wingsuit World Record

    A team calling themselves the icarus wingsuit project on FB were saying they were going to 45,000ft in September 2016 with a new suit they designed themselves. But looks like it never happened. Other than that am sure there will be formation records in the offing. Dont just talk about it, Do it!
  25. verticalflyer

    Chamonix temporary ban on wingsuits?

    Unless you happen to be a wingsuit base jumper in Chamonix currently in Chamonix I would not worry about this. The ban is not surprising. Wingsuit BASE environment is very different from Skydiving in terms of risk and record. Dont just talk about it, Do it!