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  1. The situation has been resolved, thanks for all the replies! In the end, we ended up shipping it via DHL. Turns out that you are in fact allowed to ship lithium batteries to Germany, especially if they are small and contained within a device such as an aad. Only Post Australia won't do it for whatever reason. But yeah, just don't try taking your rig on a Qatar Airways flight to avoid this situation entirely. I have taken my rig with me on a LATAM Airlines flight without an issue. Are there any airlines you would recomend or advise against when travelling with your rig? Maybe we can create some kind of index to prevent this kind of situation in the future. What do you think? Cheers and blue skies!
  2. Qatar airways seems to have some kind of special policy when it comes to parachutes. They told me that the batteries would have to be taken out. As far as I understand, they were less concerned about the batteries themselves, but rather that the aad might fire mid-flight, even though I explained to them that the aad is turned off and thus will not fire. The Australia Post international post guide just states that "Lithium batteries and devices containing them are prohibited from being sent to Germany.", but they do not give any source for that claim. https://auspost.com.au/sending/send-overseas/international-post-guide/results/germany
  3. Hey guys, I am in despair. I wanted to travel from Australia to Germany with my rig, but because the aad (MarS m2 multi) contains lithium batteries, I was not allowed to take it on the plane. I then thought I could have a mate send it to me. However, this is not possible either because apparently you cannot send any devices containing lithium batteries to Germany. I live in Germany and I had no issues taking my rig abroad, but now it seems like there is no legal way to get it back, my most priced posession is stuck at the other end of the world. Please, does anyone have any idea how I can solve this? Thanks in advance and blue skies!