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  1. Skydiving Hall of Fame Class of 2020!
  2. So sorry to hear of Gary's departure. I had so many great conversations with him at PIA Symposiums, often early in the mornings after he returned from his walkabouts. I most admires what I call his "respectful skepticism, which led to so many great chats. Rest easy, Mate.
  3. Word on the floor is that we do indeed have a digital copy. The keeper of those files is at Oshkosh this week, but I will see if he can pull it remotely and send it my way. More to follow.
  4. Put one crab in a pan, it can easily climb out. Add more crabs to the pan, and when one begins its escape, the others pull it back into the pan. From the Wikipedia article on "Crab Mentality:" 'The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that members of a group will attempt to reduce the self-confidence of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, resentment, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings, to halt their progress.' Strangely, I never experienced this to any significant degree in my skydiving career (professional and personal) - perhaps because of its military origin. I did, however experience this to the nth degree with a serious life decision I made a few years ago. Countless "friends" and acquaintances called, emailed, texted, stopped by to tell me why it was a wrong decision. I can't think of a single one of them that I am still in touch with. One good friend warned me that was going to happen (we are friends to this day). Two others asked me - once - if I had taken the time to think it through and if I was sure. My affirmative response was good enough - they supported me completely after that and we remain the closest of friends. Strong opposers likely do not understand the sport or the motivation behind your participation. In may opinion, you don't owe them and explanation nor do you have to defend yourself. Acknowledge the risk, place high value on training and methodical progression, currency, proficiency, and mitigating the risk. We all know that across the bridge of risk lies a great reward - it's different for everyone, but I applaud your choice to seize it. It will be a shame not to be able to share your experiences with those who have already called them to question, but you can always share them here Blue Skies, Fair Winds, and Safe Arrivals, Mate.
  5. Awwwww MAN! So sad to hear. She was an absolute JOY to deal with when I was a military end-user of Bonehead products. I even got to meet her in person a time or two - genuinely a great lady.
  6. Meso is the spam-blocker software guru, but as a *former* Moderator I can say from my experience that the a non-technical strategy against spammers is: A strong roster of Moderators who are regularly attentive to the forums and are spread across time zones. In other words, the goal is to have an attentive Moderator who is awake and available around the clock & around the world. It doesn't always work, but we were pretty close at one time. Delete/Block - easy day. Forum Members who PM Moderators to make them aware of spam in a forum. A quick PM with the link and bada bing/bada boom.
  7. I no longer see a way to hide the Forum Descriptions? Did I miss it somewhere? Those of us who have been here for a while don't need them and it makes for less scrolling . . .
  8. 1) Click on the drop-down menu arrow next to your Profile photo in the blue banner, top right 2) Click on "My Adverts" 3) Click on the ad you wish to delete 4) Scroll down past the ad and the split blue banners 5) Click on the "Advert Actions" drop-down menu 6) Choose "Delete" Note: There may be an "Are You Sure?" step after this - I didn't want to delete my own active ad trying it. If you just want to *edit* the ad, follow steps 1-5 above, but choose "Edit" from the "Advert Actions drop-down menu. Make your edits and save using the button at the bottom.
  9. Having used the new format since day one . . . I love it overall, it has been long overdue. I visit the forums mainly from a desktop, but the occasional need for Smart Phone visits are FAR easier for my old eyes than the previous web page view. The only two things I haven't gotten used to yet: I am routinely clicking on the "Dropzones" link from the banner looking for the Forums. I think that must have been the previous position for the Forums link. I make a conscious decision to "Mark Forum As Read" and have to go through the "Are You Sure?" pop-up, which is always redundant for me. It gets in the way of moving on to the next Forum to read. Highlight for me is the classifieds, which are LIGHT YEARS better than they used to be. I also like the new Q&A Forum, although I haven't gone full-immersion there yet.
  10. Excellent idea. No need to separate IMO, as many folks will just slap their question in a chosen forum arbitrarily.
  11. Arrive Safely John
  12. The 30 Footer fits in all of our containers that were previously built for the C-9. It packs up just slightly bigger. We currently have two back rigs, one chair, and two seat rigs configured for this canopy. It has been popular with: -Pilots looking to upgrade from their C-9 -Heavier Pilots -Pilots flying in high elevation (e.g. mountainous) environments It is also standard in our rig made specifically for the L-39 Albatros. And thanks (about the opening). That's Paul from ZHills - he's awesome to work with . . . Arrive Safely John
  13. It is block constructed . . . Arrive Safely John
  14. This would be the new Strong 30 ft Lopo. I just installed one today in a mdl 306. Very impressive. It's rated for 300lbs @ 175 kts. I thought it would be a scaled up 26ft Midlite but it's got some interesting features. An extended skirt, and, when flaked out on the packing table it doesn't appear to be a true conical shape. There is camber, as viewed from apex to skirt. I wonder if this improves the inflation speed.? It is indeed a conical canopy (in-flight photo attached). The extended skirt, which modulates the opening forces, was also the key in being able to open quickly being both heavy & fast, and light & slow. Check out this video: Arrive Safely John
  15. Strong PN 946130 "Tape, Kevlar 1" Ty 6 cl 5, Break Strength - 1500#" [email protected] Arrive Safely John