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  1. Peace be with you Gary. Raeford will miss you.
  2. Tony & I sold SKY KAT Gear Shop in 2003. It was re-named to SkyCat Equipment. Just this month, we have purchased the store front back. We are now: YNot Today www.ynottoday.com 910-875-6777 Open Monday - Friday Hope we can help!
  3. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dori, Chris, Curt, and the ParaGear Family. We will miss you Lowell
  4. We'll be happy to teach you at Raeford with parental consent. We have several 16 and 17 year olds learn and continue to skydive with us each year. Feel free to IM me for details. jumpraeford.com
  5. You are absolutely right. Consider what you have accomplished in the sport. I have a number of jumps and a few skydiving credentials to go behind it. So if I were to add my skydiving experience, licensing and credentials - no matter how unrelated to the position I am seeking, it shows diversification, individualism, goal oriented, the list can go on. Positive attributes. However, if I just started jumping, limited experience, perhaps that stereo-typing of "immature, death-wish" thing you referred to may pop up. Or the employer may think I will be too preoccupied with my newly found skydiving hobby and simply be too distracting while at work to either myself or my work mates. Something to consider.
  6. We'll all miss you each day Bill. With Christmas just around the corner, I will especially be missing the very special Christmas card Bill used to send each year. Kate
  7. http://www.jumpraeford.com/bob2003.htm The above was an event we hosted at Raeford Parachute Center in 2003 honoring Bill Ottley. We called it B.O.B. - the Bill Ottley Boogie.
  8. Thoughts and prayers to Don, his family, and his skydiving family. We will all miss you. Kate
  9. Sounds like you have a good plan to re-enter the sport! Welcome back! Don't forget to add www.uspa.org to your list of good sources for safety tips and current education materials.
  10. You can bet your bottom dollar I plan to get in the tunnel during the Feb. USPA board of director's meetings! While the board is solving all of our troubles in Phoenix, I'll be flying at your place! Eloy must have perfect weather in Feb.
  11. Not a bad idea there j0nes! Welcome to the forms.
  12. Congrats WildBilly! A tandem is a great way to be introduced to the sport. The question is - when are you going to do it again?
  13. Very cool Jeremy! Welcome to skydiving. What university is USF?
  14. Very cool. I hope we get to see you and your girlfriend again at Raeford!
  15. I'll be there tomorrow! With SkymonkeyOne & TonyT in tow. Katie is following down a few days later. Oh no! Blast - double blast - blast! Man I am going to be hurtin for certain tomorrow riding with those two monkeys. We have a group going out for hot wings tonight! Do you have ANY idea what my poor car is going to smell like by the time we make it from NC to FL?