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  1. Eric Roner did it way better.
  2. What gets easier to pick up the heavier it is???... A women
  3. Yeah it’s funny one of my Grandmas is the most supportive, although she would never even consider a jump. Blows my mind that my roommates who dirt bike/ rock crawl (rock buggys) and race cars claim that skydiving is sketchy (definitely is a little) but I’ve had friends die in the other sports we partake in, even still knowing the risk. I’m just sick of the reminders of Eric Roner or whomever. I take great precautions and read the Uspa manual during work breaks lol I’m over preparing for a malf I’m always trying to learn as much as I can.
  4. That’s rad, definitely trying to get my dad out to the DZ one day. Same boat as you it’s about 2 1/2 hours if traffic is good though. Maybe one of these days this summer. Seeing the tandems is one of my favorite things to watch I definitely know that terror/ fear switch to shear joy lol.
  5. Hi, definitely new to skydiving only 14 jumps. Curious to how others dealt with family and friends insisting that you have a death wish. I realize that skydiving is dangerous but I definitely take each jump with all precautions and know that it is a little (lot) risky. Lately though I try not to talk about my hobby to most people because they assume it’s some certain death. Was informed I’d lose some friends on this venture but holy crap people have straight up asked about it only to say I’m a retard!?? I’ve had the time of my life but curious how others have dealt with this?
  6. Yeah that was the way to go for sure set footage. Instructors have a lot to deal with. Was glad I got aff 6 though gave my instructor a good tip for actually getting it. its really nice to to look back and see how to improve. Super stoked on solo and coach jumps.
  7. Off topic kinda but the drop zone I’ve been taking student jumps at always smells like bud dew to the fact that right next to the hangers is a large legal grow op. I’m in Wa where bud is kinda a norm but I’d hate to smoke and jump, I get paranoid enough sober but that’s just me.
  8. So I did Aff 3,4 and 5. Once I forgot to ask for footage and the other two times there was no chip or camera was off. Little disappointed as I like to be able to see from outside view of things. Jumps went okay (always room for improvement). But my question is do instructors not like giving footage? Money wasn’t a concern or I wouldn’t have asked in first place. I’ll always hold these memories and it’s not that big of a deal but the first solo exit and some 360s would be nice to have. Of all malfunctions though cameras are my least concern.
  9. Appreciate your responses, was nervous for this one. Was a Standard aff1, two coaches and I. Passed it,pulled myself stand up landing where I was supposed to be. Taking all the advice I got after Jumping (from instructors) and keeping it up.
  10. By “good step” I mean somewhat appropriate for someone who has only been on 1 tandem. I realize that every one is different and some people will progress faster.Not really a stranger to situations that are dangerous b it I do go lengths in doing the safest possible ways. Thanks or response, hopefully weather allows here in the pnw
  11. Went on my first Tandem jump from 13,500 a week ago, always wanted to try skydiving. Went really well, felt comfortable and arched almost immediately after exiting and was able to relax and breathe. Decided to sign up for aff 1. Kind of a little nervous, more so than the first jump. It’s next weekend and wondering if this is a good step?