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  1. After 5 straight hard openings I started split rolling the nose and have had softer opening and all have pretty much been on heading. Thats just my 5 cents The Chad
  2. Maybe so but I am loving every bit of it! The Chad
  3. Thanks for the info. That pictures was taken right after my first transition. I was only able to hold it 4 to 5 seconds, but heck you got to start some place. The Chad
  4. Thank for the encouragement, jackass. The Chad
  5. That is no joke! I couple of time I have been able to stay stable for half of the flight and then all hell breaks loose The Chad
  6. That was jump 72 and 73. The Chad
  7. Not pretty but least it is a start The Chad
  8. But I will have 2 days to play. Might even leave tonight after work! The Chad
  9. Time table: Leave texas early Thursday am have to be back in Texas by 8am Monday. The Chad
  10. Hmm.. So many place to visit so little time! The Chad
  11. Since I am not in the military I tried just about every thing else but still got screwed due to "low rental season" The Chad
  12. So the work relocation thing my work? The Chad
  13. How can I break my apartment lease and not have to pay the reletting charge for the last 3 months? The Chad
  14. That happens every time a certain coworker walks by my cube. The Chad