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  1. DARK

    Bad go pro audio?

    One of our video guys just recently switched to duel go pros and faced this same problem. His solution was a 20 dollar external lapel mic and it works a charm mounted to the go pro case on the ground and in the plane
  2. DARK

    Unbroken canopy pilot

    I know a couple, nobody super famous but people who are respected by the 'top of the game' pilots i dont want to mention any names just in case they are wierd about privacy and the interwebs
  3. DARK

    Karnage Krew stole my money SCAM!!!

    why dont ou post the emails here? i had a great experience with gary and kk
  4. imho, you should choose a dropzone you trust not a particular instructor. also as an instructor examiner should be able to recomend a perfectly acceptable and safe instructor nearer you
  5. DARK


    you dont have to do anything you dont want to do nice video though id love to see his latest stuff if anyone has some videos from this year throw them up
  6. DARK

    Does your DZ require AAD's?

    my dz in ireland does which affectively stops me jumping during the winter(this winter at least) but my dz in the states dosnt
  7. DARK

    Pat Hammond tribute- PH36 team video 2009

    hey man facebook says unavailable due to privacy or it has been removed any you tube link? id love to see it
  8. DARK

    Dublin, Ireland

    im from ireland and started my jumping here the biggest dz in the republic is the irish parachute club and that is probably the website you found http://www.skydive.ie/ the other dz in the republic is called skydive ireland http://www.skydiveireland.ie/ they are a far newer dropzone but its were i started jumping and i like it everyone is really friendly and imsure they would love to get some travelling jumpers up there, it is about 2 hours from dublin. iv never jumped at the ipc and im not sure how far from dublin it is it could be around the same. i dont think either of these dzs are open full time but open friday saturday sunday, the ipc might be open thursdays too the other dz in ireland is in northern ireland called the wild geese iv never jumped there but if you google it you should get their website
  9. DARK

    motorcycle + rig???

    i have no idea about putting it on your back on the way to the dz BUT i cant remember the comany but one of the rig/suit manufactures does covers for your rig so you can fly it in the tunnel im sure they would work just as well in keeping everything safe while riding your bike
  10. if this is the thing from the first page you need to pay to get the serial number i think
  11. i would love to know the answer as l+ say they have no plans on releasing a mac version of their jumptrack software and therefore no mac interface to put your jump data on the computer sucks ass to be honest
  12. well damo ur defo due some luck with the weather after your last few trips away i should be settled in new england by that stage so if u get a sudden injection of disposable income extend the holiday and come visit see ya round campus
  13. DARK


    im not in the states but i wasnt aware of any requirement for a full face helmet there is one guy at my dz who did his 50th this week and he has a full face
  14. DARK

    new canon eos 450D/rebel xsi

    saw this in another photography forum it looks gorgeous with the new big screen but hopefully one of my offers on a new 30d will accepted so i can stop shopping around and being tempted by more and more expensive toys. anyone know when the 450 is due for release?