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  1. Pat, He is still around. You can find him on facebook too.
  2. IMGR2

    Formation Skydiving Mobile App

    Add VFS and I will buy it asap.
  3. IMGR2

    "Boogie in Belize VII"

    I am going to be in town for only one day. That would be thursday before the boogie. There for other reasons. Is there a chance there will be a plane flying?
  4. IMGR2

    Mustang Island TX Beach Jumps to Continue!

    Congrats on acquiring the 182, Jason.
  5. I work for San Marcos and I would tell you to call them ASAP. We get extremely busy, we do more tandems than anyone in the state. I hope you can get your buddies in. Maybe I will see you there.
  6. IMGR2

    Great Flyers

    What an awesome story David. Kuddos And may I add, if you ARE good, always pay it forward. Brad Slager was one of those guys. God rest is soul.
  7. Don't forget our winged rats being organized by Mr. Bob Futrell. He will have about 8 or more demo wing suits on hand to do big-ways or coaching. Also Mr. Scott "Douva" Lewis of Team L.A.S.T. will have beginner boards for anyone who would like to experiment with skysurfing. Last but not least, Texas' own Mr. Mike Inabinet will be organizing belly flyers for small to large formation training and coaching. Do I hear hybrid skydives? Maybe some VSCR's? Stay tuned for more details.....
  8. Any freeflying going on that weekend?
  9. IMGR2


  10. Thats awesome! Wish I could make it but I have to work. Is there somewhere we can send a donation for Nelson?
  11. IMGR2

    TX CPC Schedule

    My new canopy is flying great and my Skyworks RDS is on its way. [[ Bryan doing a happy dance, lalalalala]] New canopy $1800 RDS $280 Hop and Pop tickets $500 Partying with all my swoop buddies... PRICELESS!!!!!! Edited to add; If I can talk Brains to show up to one of these maybe I can get one of my swoops in the "Post your Hot Swoop Pic(s)" thread.
  12. IMGR2

    PIA Symposium 2007 - Roll Call!

    Going for my third PIA. "Never let Chuck Blue in your room" LMAO slotperfect billvon loudiamond skymonkeyone imgr2
  13. IMGR2


    With no profile to judge by I would suggest purchasing a Vladiball and follow the instructions that come with it.
  14. IMGR2

    4-way VRW at US Nationals

    Can we see some of the footage?
  15. IMGR2

    Jumping tomorrow at SSM!!

    I'll be there, but I'm there every friday. hmmmm BTW, I'm the one in the orange. heehee