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  1. hparrish

    Best POV Action Camera Shootout: 6 Challengers Reviewed

    Thanks for doing this review. Very good read for anyone in the market for a new camera. Didnt surprise me a bit, I've always gone the Sony Route, as they've always had superior image quality regarless of the platform. Any info on cost vs quality? Sometimes a budget forces folks to go with the lower cost solution.
  2. hparrish

    Congrats So Cal Converge

    And the 2010 World Champs too...
  3. hparrish

    skyventure.com needs to refurbish their website

    Yeah..........It's a pretty weak website.
  4. hparrish

    Freefly Organizers at Raeford

    Ahhh It's Offical per the Events Calendar. 2010-03-27 to 2010-03-28 http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/calendar/page.cgi?g=Detailed/4026.html;d=1 I think the Organizer will be Selwyn Facey, James Flaherty (Punisher), or both. Both were at the 108 Way Record and both are very good Tunnel Coaches as well. Should be a GREAT opportunity to learn.
  5. hparrish

    Random question

    Yes I think most people have a dominant leg position that they default too. However the goal is to fly in any leg position, especially with larger Freefly formations.
  6. hparrish

    Project vfs paraclete xp

    Is this more of a Team Tryout or a Skills Camp? Tunnel Only or skydiving as well? For me personally............I cannot do VFS in a tunnel but I can in the sky. I know there should be no difference, but the tunnel screws with my head and confidence.
  7. hparrish

    Typical progression to Head Down?

    Forget what you know and start over as a student, thats my best advice. Don't be in a hurry to get on your head. Learn everything completely, before you jump to the next stage. Took me about 10 hours, to get on my head. Had 1200 freefly jumps before the tunnel.
  8. hparrish

    Daedalus XFS

    Not many of them out there for sure. Basically the XFS is a Crossfire II with some modifications. Cross Bracing on the End Cells only and Hybrid Sail Material options for the topskin. I was considering getting one until I sold my second RIG. I jump a JVX and love it, but that is an entirely different wing. It is not a GL Canopy. If you want that get the GLX. I'm sure you'll be happy compared to a Crossfire II or Katana. If you get an XFS please post how you like it. Hey Just noticed you live in New Zealand.........why not take a weekend and go to the factory ???
  9. hparrish

    Skills Camps

    Seriously...........Nothing planned in Chicago or Florida this year??? All the Big Way Talent we just had on the 108 Way and no one's putting any skills camps together? Is Arizona the only DZ with Big Ways and Sequentials Camps this year? The Tryouts and Record have really put the Itch in my pants for some camps.
  10. hparrish

    Where's the 108 thread?

    Maybe their trying not to jinx it. Although with the talent I saw at the Tryouts, I'm pretty sure they'll get it.
  11. hparrish

    VA Freeflying..

    I'll be there that weekend. What kind of jump ticket prices is Larry talking about?
  12. Agreed........It's eaiser to just sponsor all the top pilots and shelve the R&D for the next gen canopy. Thats why I'm not a PD Pilot, and a hardcore JVX advocate.
  13. hparrish

    First time on the Katana 120..

    Wade thats not a fair comparison. Your weigh like 98 Lbs with gear. So no wonder you get back from a long spot on a 120. What are you loading it at like .5:1 You look like a chick packing when you stick your ass up in the air. I've see a couple guys talking about the chick with the nice ass, then they figure out its Wade and his Ass Milk. Barf.........
  14. hparrish

    should I, or shouldn't i...?

    there are Cypress Models designed for Swooping. Did you check out their website?