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  1. I believe a Safire 1 is also semi-elliptical. Jumped a demo years ago and found it to be a very nice canopy.
  2. trigger

    Valkyrie 67 demo first jumps
  3. trigger

    Black HMA

    Think you may mean Technora not HMA. You could try contacting Mel@ skyworks rigging (masterrigger1)
  4. May be a simple case of the brake lines being too long...anyone checked this.
  5. trigger


  6. Product of the times we live in sadly. Help, with all the good intentions in the world and someone wants to sue your ass. Very tough situation as walking away goes against human nature. Personally, help as best you can, even if its providing some shade from the sun. That said if there's qualified and able people around it's best to keep out of the way and simply let them do what they're trained to do.
  7. In all fairness, looks like a good deal
  8. Sounds more of a currency issue rather than a canopy issue. Suffered a similar experience after only a year out recovering from a non skydiving injury. Couldn't get my canopy to dive as expected. Stuck with my original initiation altitude and brushed up on my technique and with time that all changed and I concluded that the problem was simply down to me being a tads rusty.
  9. trigger

    Canopy climbs after 270

    Have a rigger measure the brake lines esp the lowers as i suspect your brake line are too short. Have you noticed any tail flutter at all in the dive, another indication that the brakes are set too short. Have someone video your approach and landing and interrogate to see if the canopy tail is bucking. Another check you can do at altitude at full flight with the toggles all the way up, look up at the brake lines is there a healthy bow or are they taut. Note:If they are too short you will have to go back and redial your approaches.
  10. trigger

    JVX question

    Don't know about "New" however. The JVX is a 27-cell elliptical cross braced Tri-cell with upgrades like a new nose modification, improved trim, longer lines, no stabilizers and HMA lines are standard. Don't know if the above are tweaks from when then canopy was first released. Unlike the original JVX that used a special designed slider our latest version uses a standard slider size of 29 X 24 inches with a new upper brake line configuration! Edited to add the above paragraph T.
  11. trigger

    PdF Instinct

    Your right not much out there, but has been on the market a few years now. i'm assuming it's aimed at the 'expert' pilot and i'm guessing it fits in the Katana/Crossfire cat. edited to add attachment thats too big
  12. In a nutshell, yes.
  13. trigger

    N3 vs Viso II

    I personally use a N3 just because the display is slightly larger than the L&B Viso. Also like the fact that N3 is rechargable via usb so no battery woes. On a minus note the logbook data is suspect at best so if you're a bit geeky about freefall speeds etc take the logbook info with a generous pinch of salt ( wrist mount mine so opinions on my last point may differ ). Plus points: Great visual alti Useful for canopy control Loud audible beeps ( If required ) Can be used has a helmet audible. Have many friends that use the L&B Viso without complaint So if you can live with a slightly smaller display and the need for the occasional battery change i'm sure you'll be happy.