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  1. I teach rigging and would love to use it to help teach future riggers.
  2. Thank-you very much...that is exactly what I was looking for!
  3. I thought about that, but for the project I want to do, I'll need to by it by the rolls and going through PD for it would be expensive$$$. If I have to go that way I will but I was hoping a rigger out there had another source...Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know where I can get untreated Spectra line, the same type of line used on PD reserves? I've looked and none of the regular places such as Paragear, Square 1, etc. carries it.
  5. Container is an Odyssey J1KS Serial # 26977 DOM 10/04, Reserve a PD 143R serial number 34364 DOM 05/05, AAD is a MARS M2 serial # 2762 DOM 09/14...I do not have any info on the main canopy but I believe it was a PD Spectre 135 and was a PD stock color pattern of white, blue, and blackberry......This was stolen in Lincoln, IL so half way between St. Louis and Chicago....if the jumpers in those areas can keep on eye out, we would be grateful !!! Container is Black with blue piping/trim tape. Reserve flaps, royal blue, Cap is white/blue tie dye along with the accent stripes on the main pin protector flap.
  6. No it's in Marylang Heights off of Hwy 270 @ Page Ave.
  7. There are several of us local jumpers that regularly make trips up the CSC and Skydive Chicago to get our turbine fixes. Most of the more experienced jumpers spend our regular weekends at a private DZ with a very nice C-206U. Flying V Ranch. look it up on-line, its a very nice DZ to hang out at on the non-Chicago weekends.
  8. Its an area that has numerous bars, shops, and restraunts. You just park and stumble from one bar or club to another
  9. Riverport in Maryland heights is usually a good time any day of the week and its close to Lambert.
  10. If anyone has a spare airworthy Magnum 357 pilot chute (only Magnum 357 please) please let me know. I'm not wanting to buy brand new because this isn't going into a pilot rig but it is going to be used in an experiement with drag and snatch force so it does need to be air worthy and in good condition. So if any one happens to have one lying around that they are willing to part with please let me know.
  11. My old DZ used to do a Tandem to AFF program. It was not unusual to take the same person on tandem training jumps 2 or 3 times. We even had 1 jumper who because of medical reasons could not jump solo so he had over 135 tandems and I took him more than 10 times. Any good tandem instructor should be more than happy to actually "teach" skydiving instead of just giving a "ride". Find one your comfortable with and let the questions fly!
  12. Thank-you, I'll try contacting them today.
  13. Does anyone have the line trim specs for the Jonathan canopy? I have a 170 and specifically need the BK-Tog measurement but I'd like to have a complete line trim measurement if possible.
  14. Try these websites...they has some pretty good and cheap stuff
  15. I know Tom Dolphin at Missouri River Valley Skydivers as built harnesses before for the Missouri Highway Patrol to use in helicopter rescue situations. You can look him up at