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  1. skydivecat

    8000 Ft Static Line Student Jump?

    Asking the same question different ways does not change the answer: an instructor cannot fly down to help you on a static line jump, no matter what altitude you jump from. A student jump = personal responsibility. If you are unable to handle or accept that, you should not jump. No, you cannot do a tandem static line jump.
  2. skydivecat

    St Louis MO

    Mid America Sport Parachute in Taylorville IL isn't too far. Look them up on FB, group is friendly and helpful! Fly Free in Festus looks like it will be open this weekend. Also on FB. Shoot either a message, they'll help you out!
  3. skydivecat

    Trendy or improvement ?

    Most people do counts however works best for them or their team. As long as it is communicated to everyone and practiced in the mock up beforehand, I've never had any problems. I fly IC for my team in 4 way, I do the count that in most comfortable for me and works best with my team. If I try to change that when jumping with others it leads to more of a mess as it will go against my muscle memory that I have dialed in for the majority of my jumps. If someone else is giving the count, I adapt to however they are comfortable. Whoever is giving the count should do whatever they are best at/most comfortable with for the launch to be successful. That is my very low level experience at any rate
  4. skydivecat

    How many dropzones have you jumped?

    16 in just under 4 years. MI-3, OH-1, GA-2, FL-2, CA-3, IL-3, TN-1, MO-1
  5. skydivecat

    Ken Bernek

    I don't know if I ever met a happier person. I don't have a single memory of Ken NOT smiling. He loved this sport and was a joy to be around, on and off the DZ. I didn't know Ken nearly as well as many, but still considered myself lucky to call him a friend. I cannot imagine the next time I am at MWFF that he won't be there, jumping on every load. My heart goes out to all his family and friends for this loss. The world is a darker place without his light in it. I cannot imagine the grief you all must be feeling at this devastating loss.
  6. skydivecat

    Not found for 1 week

    there is already a thread about this in safety and training.
  7. skydivecat

    Skydiving Near Ann Arbor, MI

    Skydive Tecumseh is just south of there, awesome dz. open wed-sun, we have been flying either the kodiak, an otter, or caravan depending on what plane is needed where. huge landing area, awesome peeps. pm me if you have any specific questions!
  8. skydivecat

    Places to stay near The Farm

    They do have a 'bunkhouse' with some beds there. Dorm style, but if its only for the night, its free and right there... I was going to camp there on my visit, but was lucky enough to get offered a couch. Good peeps, have fun there!
  9. skydivecat

    Altimeter check...

    When i got my new altis off of here, I asked one of the TI's at my DZ to jump with them a few times along with their normal alti to verify for me before I jumped with them. The TI didn't mind at all and did 3 tandems with it on and said it looked good to him. I don't know if that was really necessary, but it made me feel better!
  10. skydivecat

    New jumper

    Hey soul twin! You rock and i'm glad you are checking it out on here! so many great people, lots of advice and opinions too (remember to always take with a grain of salt...) Can't wait for summer and to see you back in action
  11. skydivecat

    New to Skydiving from Michigan

    Hi Christian! My name is Cat and I live just west of detroit. I got into skydiving this summer/fall and ended up getting my A License at the end of October. There are a few dropzones in out area and I jump out of Skydive Tecumseh (just south of Ann Arbor). Midwest Freefall is also out in Shelby Township area I believe (I haven't been there, yet). I did a Tandem jump first and I came back and signed up for the AFF (accelerated freefall) class offered at Tecumseh two weeks later. Tecumseh offers AFF training and IAD (which is a static line progression I believe). Both have their benefits, and the skydive tecumseh website has some really good information on all of it. I chose AFF because from your first jump, you are jumping from full altitude with two instructors, get approx. a minute of freefall, and pulling your own pilot. It is a bit more expensive for student progession than the IAD program, but I had nothing but good experiences with the staff and at the dropzone. PM if you would like to talk more in depth about my experience or get any more info. I hope this helps a little, and if I can answer anything else for you (keep in mind, I am barely off student status...) I'd be happy to try to help! Just FYI... we are closed for the winter and reopen April 1st!