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  1. Is there any way to see max speed of my last jump on a Neptune 3?
  2. That's some sound advice popsjumper, thanks! That's where I've been putting most of my study effort. I have been working through the website and have found it great, I have been working my way through the SIM as well. Thanks everyone for all the info!
  3. Yea I figured as much haha. But when I go after something new I just like to learn as much as I can, I'm a closet nerd haha. So if someone is wearing something like a neptune on their wrist they are just using it as a digital altimeter and not for the alarms?
  4. Oh ok, that makes more sens. But I was looking at some audibles on chutingstar and the pictures of the neptune2 they were wearing them on their wrist.
  5. So I am very, very new to all of this. I haven't even made my first jump yet. Right now I am just trying to learn as much as I can by reading and watching videos while I save up for my AFF course. I have a question about wrist mounted audibles though, how do you hear them? I would think the wind would be very loud. Are they even louder than the wind, or do they have headphones? Also, I have read about people using a dytter and an audible. What is the difference between the two? Why would you need both?