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  1. No rush.. I started back in the day with a SA chuteshop ZP150, essentially a copy of a Sabre1. Things always evolve and I'm sure the canopy designers design to target specific audiences and as already mentioned a Safire3 and a Crossfire3 are currently in the later stages of R&D and I'm sure PD etc has similar products in mind to cater for jumpers of all abilities that allow them to progress up the range safely with instruction and measured progression in mind. Case in point is that it general observation with the current PD line is that they design their products with progression in mind and it has often been stated that the Sabre2, Katana, Velo is a good path to follow for jumpers interested in swooping to follow assuming that they take proper instruction and don't jump the gun. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  2. Thanks guys for the replies and it's great to hear that the openings are more pleasing over previous x-braces at least with regards to PD velocity/valkyrie comparisons as opening characteristics have always been an area of discussion and with regards to myself openings play an important part in my decision making process when it comes to canopy selection. Also it appears that the flight range appears to have been improved and I think this is supported by the distances being achieved by the pilots during the swoop phase, though is this down to additional speed generated in the dive or the shape of the wing being more efficient possibly a combination of the two. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  3. This is probably going to be a little subjective and the question really is a curiosity on my behalf as I have no intention of replacing my current canopy. But in general terms how have the latest generation of canopies improved over the previous top dogs in the HP category. For example does the NZ Leia open significantly better than the JVX and roughly how much better does it perform with regards to speed generated and distance etc. The same question can be applied to Velo/VC vs VK and it would be great to hear from folks who have made the transition without changing WL/size. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  4. I believe a Safire 1 is also semi-elliptical. Jumped a demo years ago and found it to be a very nice canopy. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  6. Drag is reduced as the x-sectional reduces and because of that things happen faster. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  7. Another one courtesy of FB .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  8. Not an official report just the damn media. FTR Fractured L2,L3,whiplash and burst blood vessels in my eyes. Dragged my arse out of hospital the next day as i could stand the sound of people whining One dead pilot And no i'm not interested in compensation Fact: i am fully recovered IMO and have no desire to profit from someones death. Maybe i suffer with man the fuck up .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  9.;search_string=headcorn;#2711809;search_string=trigger;#2717788 The first LINK is the actual incident Second LINk relative to the incident Lessons learned=restraints are a good idea use them ( no restraints were fitted in the aircraft and i was sitting back to back with the pilot statement relating to the 2007 incident ) Wear your helmet ( scroll down the thread in the 2nd Link as pictures are posted ) .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  10. Like i said Rob, not my idea and i agree with your points but any restraint is better than no restraint and believe me, i have been there. Broke my back in 2007 in an aircraft incident! Whether restraints would have made a difference i don't know, but i'd like to think so. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  11. The restraint's vary in length.... don't know the reasons for the idea behind the design.I can only assume to limit the amount of forward travel in the event of an aircraft incident. Edited to add! With 14 jumpers weight shift is limited as we are packed in like sardines. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  12. Is this what were talking about. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  13. Yup, take the speed record with a pinch of salt anything from 290mph to why did i bother with the parachute .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  14. All canopies are awesome, just make your bed and lie in it. Point being the more you jump something the more intune you will become with your choice.... being intune with something is awesome, but it takes time. Felt very much intune with Crossfires learning to become intune with the JVX i have now and my choice could have easily been a Velo or a Xaos. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  15. 1. I pack my own. 2. If it mals blame here. 3. I charge to sniff it. 4. I charge more to touch it. 5. If you wanna pack it.. talk with the bank .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  16. JLX is not recommended as a first x-brace and it might be considered wise to have some time under either of those before making the switch. FTR: I'm very happy with my JVX and for me at least it'll be some considerable time before i'd even consider another canopy. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  17. Well the countdown has started @ Hate to admit it but it'll be many,many moons before i'm ready for this one .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  18. I use my N3 as a visual alti only to use it as a audible it would need to be inside the helmet, but i feel a de dedicated audible is better/cheaper for this. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  19. Think you may mean Technora not HMA. You could try contacting [email protected] skyworks rigging (masterrigger1) .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  20. Thinking of changing my signature line! Trolling here since 2001 .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  21. Beginner canopy JVX 34, Velo 29 or Petra 330 opinions wanted. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  22. Malfunctions can be and often caused by poor body position...just saying. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  23. Doug, you really don't need swoop pants. They won't offer you anymore protection than a pair of Levi's. Condura on the butt, knee's etc simply offers abrasion resistance and doesn't prevent bones getting broken. Do the course and learn about techniques in controlling your canopy and spend the swoop pant money on consolidating knowledge. .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.
  24. Bridget I believe: Nice work (Edit to add) Sorry guys beaten to the link..did not see the above .CHOP WOOD COLLECT WATER.