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  1. Cathy, I still miss the a$$hole too! He is one of the first people who greeted me, and made me feel comfortable at the WFFC in Quincy Illinois. yahoo have fun and love each other muff muff! [email protected]
  2. I think I paid $175.00 CASH on the spot for 15 over in Wisconsin. I never have known any other place where the officer wants CASH on the spot. WUWT? [email protected]
  3. Why would you even ask? Polio? Gone! Smallpox? GONE! Have you ever met anyone who had suffered through these diseases? I have met people who had them 60 years ago, and STILL have serious health issues, deformities and everyday problems, because they didn't have a 5 minute vaccination option when they were children. Have you ever been in a hospital where a couple of kids with whooping cough are? Treat yourself to that! Listen to those kids struggling for every breath. I had friends who's mothers had rubella when they were pregnant. The friends were deaf and had holes in their hearts that had to be closed. Except of course for the 2 who died because of the holes in their heart. Go to the CDC website and do a little research. And then, get those shots!~ [email protected]
  4. carry your cellphone in your jumpsuit! What a basic thing, and the number of people who leave it in their locker amazes me. "I didn't want to break the phone". But if you are hurt and laying in a field and we are all looking for you, WHO CARES! Or if you see someone who needs attention, or who you THINK might need attention, pull your cellphone out and call manifest. Yes. MANIFEST. Let them call the correct people for the situation. They may already know about it, they may already have people on the way. It may have been an inflatable shark. [email protected]
  5. I helped with the organization of the WFFC for a few years. We always knew that the possibility of a 1000 different horrible accident combinations were out there. It would be impossible to prepare for every single one of them, but we knew that there should be a general plan of action in case any one of them should occur. At the staff level, we talked about "what if?" scenarios. We put together our plan and we determined who our key personnel should an accident happen. Every dz has an opportunity to make a similar plan and put it into action. This should be discussed at every single dz on safety day. [email protected]
  6. C'MON Lisa! Up and at um! No more seizures! Hey lady, really we are worried for you and wishing you well! [email protected]
  7. Hey Lisa, get up and get moving! WTF is this laying around thing! No more seizures, got it!?! There, she'll feel better now! Thanks for posting and letting us know, Jack! [email protected]
  8. Snowwhite


    OH yea! A friend of mine has a very nice wife. I have only met her once 10 years ago. He is very proud of her and talks about her accomplishments and shows off her picture. At work the other night, I swore she walked through the door. I started carrying on a conversation with her, like I knew her, but it wasn't his wife. [email protected]
  9. Snowwhite


    I have been told I have one. I used to date a guy, and his roommate dated a friend of mine. One day, my friend was at the guys house while they were watching a football game. She fell asleep on the couch, when she woke up, she swore I was sitting on the edge of the couch. That's how I found out I wasn't dating that guy any more.. [email protected]
  10. There was a period of our life where I thought that everyday was going to be the day that killed me. I did what BIGUN describes, and kind of stepped back from the pile of muck, and just looked at the crisis that was in front of me for that one moment and dealt with just that one. NO OTHER. Then I realized that I had made it through that day, and I could handle the next. A piece of chocolate with me goes a long way. We'll be thinking of you as you eat your elephant one bite at a time. Let us know how it's going. [email protected]
  11. Don't think I knew George, but I am always sorry when one of 'ours' is gone. BSBD [email protected]
  12. Um no he is currently leading his "bullies" in an inbound formation flight to buzz a property in a undisclosed location.... We'r currently on a victor vector and flying IRF cuz leader boy there can't read a sectional and theonlyski forgot his GPS. We tired to let skyjumpinfool lead, he said he knew the way and we ended up over Loveland. sundevil777 spoke up and said we need to turn right and we over flew Wyoming.... RM1 said to post for directions and Normiss forgot, that's how we ended up in this victor vector and holding @ 3K. Is this a threat? LOL! Gosh she has her panties in a wad! Bet she has absolutely NO life at all. Someone should throw her out of a plane at 12000 feet and loosen her bowels up a bit! [email protected]
  13. Do you suppose there are more germs on the bug floating in my wine, or on my finger, as I try to dig him out of my wine? [email protected]
  14. So what is the story here? You marry into money? I figured somebody died and left him some. [email protected]
  15. so sorry to lose someone so full life and love! BSBD, Jen! [email protected]