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  1. Snowwhite

    Bill Wood

    I'm so sorry to hear about Bill, but really glad that you all (pronounced y'all) had the opportunity to spend another Safety Day together!
  2. Snowwhite

    Ray Kirst

    Why doesn't have a "like" button? I like your post. Sorry that you have to post it.
  3. I am so sorry that you (we) lost a terrific person! I am so glad for you, that you got to know him personally. I am so glad for him, that he had you, (someone who obviously cares) as his instructor, mentor and fried. BSBD
  4. I always loved Don Kirlins answer to this (He was the Owner of the World Free Fall Convention). He would say, "I can tell anyone how to make a small fortune in the skydiving industry...... First, you start with a large fortune!"
  5. Snowwhite

    Sean Carrey

    Very sad news
  6. Snowwhite

    truck in drive

  7. Snowwhite

    flights of fancy1

  8. Snowwhite

    flights of fancy2

  9. Snowwhite

    What's happenin people?

    Then you already know how cool these people are! Welcome!
  10. Snowwhite

    Ralph Nichols

    Responding to give this a bump to the top. I know the date is coming up. Wish we could be there.
  11. Snowwhite

    CarolinaFest 2011 May 31 - June 5

    Hey Antigua! Say hello to Pepe and all of my favorite Rodriguez bros! Sounds like you guys have a great boogie lined up!
  12. Snowwhite


    We ALL miss JohnnyGates! A couple of very nice photos of him at the World Free Fall Convention were just posted on the World Free Fall Convention Friends FB website.
  13. Snowwhite

    graduated aff at skydive dallas

    CONGRATULATIONS! and welcome to the family that put "fun" in dysfunctional!
  14. Snowwhite

    Larry "Sparky" Lang

    You wouldn't happen to have a picture that you could add to the memorial would you? Thanks!
  15. Snowwhite

    Fair Winds and Following Seas, Santiago

    So Sorry to hear. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds..