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  1. Cathy, I still miss the a$$hole too! He is one of the first people who greeted me, and made me feel comfortable at the WFFC in Quincy Illinois. yahoo have fun and love each other muff muff!
  2. carry your cellphone in your jumpsuit! What a basic thing, and the number of people who leave it in their locker amazes me. "I didn't want to break the phone". But if you are hurt and laying in a field and we are all looking for you, WHO CARES! Or if you see someone who needs attention, or who you THINK might need attention, pull your cellphone out and call manifest. Yes. MANIFEST. Let them call the correct people for the situation. They may already know about it, they may already have people on the way. It may have been an inflatable shark.
  3. I helped with the organization of the WFFC for a few years. We always knew that the possibility of a 1000 different horrible accident combinations were out there. It would be impossible to prepare for every single one of them, but we knew that there should be a general plan of action in case any one of them should occur. At the staff level, we talked about "what if?" scenarios. We put together our plan and we determined who our key personnel should an accident happen. Every dz has an opportunity to make a similar plan and put it into action. This should be discussed at every single dz on safety day.
  4. Don't think I knew George, but I am always sorry when one of 'ours' is gone. BSBD
  5. Um no he is currently leading his "bullies" in an inbound formation flight to buzz a property in a undisclosed location.... We'r currently on a victor vector and flying IRF cuz leader boy there can't read a sectional and theonlyski forgot his GPS. We tired to let skyjumpinfool lead, he said he knew the way and we ended up over Loveland. sundevil777 spoke up and said we need to turn right and we over flew Wyoming.... RM1 said to post for directions and Normiss forgot, that's how we ended up in this victor vector and holding @ 3K. Is this a threat? LOL! Gosh she has her panties in a wad! Bet she has absolutely NO life at all. Someone should throw her out of a plane at 12000 feet and loosen her bowels up a bit!
  6. so sorry to lose someone so full life and love! BSBD, Jen!
  7. One of my favorite things was the morning I got up to go to the john, heard a balloon inflating and decided to check it out. I was in my jamies, and had left Streaker sleeping in the tent at Couch Freaks. The balloon crew was made up of a bunch of people I knew, so they asked me to come with them. Little did I know it was a 'cross country' and we would be out chasing the balloon all morning long. There I was running down country lanes on an Iowa Sunday morning while farmers were passing us, watching me run around in my jamies, helping to land the balloon, refill it with Skydivers and set the balloon free again! GOOD TIMES!
  8. Because of his health conditions we have had this talk at our house. We (he) decided that the only appropriate way to celebrate his life would be tie die. Depends on the jumper, the family and your relationship with him, but for us, it will be tie die. Also, his obit pic will be one of him in freefall with a big smile on his face.
  9. Not only was she a great lady, she raised a great family. The Androskys are a skydiving legend. There are 3 generations of jumpers/aviators hanging out in the great Northwest, because of Bev. Anyone who jumps, should put 'Skydive Superior' on their bucket list and make a trip to Soup, Wi, to get a great pic of the big lake they call Gitchigoome in the background with an Androsky on the jump in the foreground. We have ours! And we consider ourselves a lucky family, for being lucky enough to have the Androskys as part of it!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about Bill, but really glad that you all (pronounced y'all) had the opportunity to spend another Safety Day together!
  11. !
  12. Why doesn't have a "like" button? I like your post. Sorry that you have to post it.
  13. Contact the jumpers at Skydive Superior. They jump in snow about 11.5 months a year!
  14. I love your enthusiasm and wish you lots of luck in your skydiving career. My favorite people are skydivers. I will leave you with a joke. What do you call a skydiver without a girlfriend?
  15. He'll be a part of me forever.