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  1. 9 years have can that be? Blue Skies, Jack....
  2. Raise a glass in memory of my brother Jack, Johnny to you on what would have been his 77th birthday.....I thought he'd still be flying at 100! I will miss him until we meet again....
  3. thank you he loved you all so much.
  4. Remembering my brother......the sadness never goes away...I will miss you, Jack, until we meet again on the other side....
  5. thank gladdens my heart to know he is not forgotten.
  6. Thinking of my brother on what would have been his 76th birthday. He is probably furious that I revealed his age, but he was forever young....I love you Jack, and miss you. Blue!
  7. Thinking of my brother, Jack (Johmmy Gates) who took his last jump 6 years ago. Blue Skies, Jack. Al and I will never stop missing you....'till we meet again......
  8. Thinking of and missing my brother, "Jack" Johnny Gates who left us 5 years ago. Blue Skies, Jack!
  9. I just saw this video and can't help but think that if my brother Jack had seen this, he'd be all over it. All it would require is a trip to Nepal...
  10. I would love to stop by your wall occasionally. I am so grateful that he is still present in your lives.
  11. 4 years ago, my brother, Jack, took his final jump.......Missing him more than I can say....Blue skies, Jack. Yahoo!