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  1. Glitch

    Cell phones for skydive carrying

    What's a skyhook handle?
  2. Glitch

    Refilling grippers?

    Hit up your rigger... or the local seamstress. Simple sewing job it is...
  3. Glitch

    A different wing loading dilemma

    Why not order the larger canopy, and wear weights when needed?
  4. Glitch

    Weight belt load attached to MLW

    I don't know.... but it would suck for a rig to get grounded due to wear as a result of attaching weights to it. There have been issues w/wear as a result of demo flags being attached.... so what would a weight belt do?
  5. Glitch

    Nice 4-Way iPhone App

    ...but will it be available for the Droid?
  6. Glitch

    consequences of screwing up

    Yep.... John Lindstrom had his ticket pulled by the FAA around April 06'. He was pencil packing reserves w/out the customers knowledge, and likely packed me a total on my reserve (hard pull at a minimum). There are others afaik, but nothing I have first hand knowledge of...
  7. Glitch

    I am back, again!!!

    Here's my .02 cents, for what it's worth... YMMV 1) Don't seek or take skydiving advice off the interwebby thingy... 2) Sit down with your instructor and have a heart to heart... make sure he/she understands your past experiences and issues... 3) Discuss with him/her the possibility of utilizing a tunnel... 4) Rember, learning to skydive isn't some sort of race or competition. If you want it bad enough, work hard enough, and can perservere long enough... you'll get there.
  8. Glitch


    It's just something we do to make all the whuffos ask 'What's with all this hand-slapping fist-bumping stuff that skydivers do with each other?'
  9. Here's a screen shot of the message, that I managed not to attach originally.
  10. Glitch

    What is your weak point?

    My wallet... To remedy, I'm considering divorce since she refuses to get a 3rd job.
  11. All the US manufactures of jump suits, canopies, and containers maintain a 'black list' of sorts where the names of dick headed customers are kept, and is available to non-US gear providers as well. The list is supposed to be updated frequently... My guess would be that L&B and Nzaerosport just hasn't downloaded the latest updates. You're apparently on the list!
  12. Yes, there is a "special reason" why you shouldn't do that... I'd be happy to explain further, but if I divulge that kind of info on a public forum, it wouldn't be all that 'special' now, would it?
  13. Glitch

    Hoppin and poppin

    Awesome... now do a hop & pop from 2500' and tell us what thats like!