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    Although most people assume that the most dangerous part of skydiving is the way down, the ride up is also a risky phase of the jump. The more we know about the airplane itself and the procedures that keep us safe, the more leverage we have over the outcome. In one of his best videos ever, world renowned Instructor Brian Germain covers this important topic in great detail. The video is both entertaining and informative, with lessons taught in the classroom as well as in the air with Brian’s in helmet audio recording system used in his famous Talking Skydives episodes. If you think you know all you need to know about aircraft procedures, think again. There is something in this video for everyone. - Format: Downloading and/or Streaming - Duration: ~2 hours Purchase video here:!/Aircraft-Procedures-and-Spotting/p/119499977/category=7094902


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    Brian Germain goes into tremendous depth in describing the how and why of USPA's required maneuvers for the B License. Make no mistake, this video is not just for folks looking to achieve their B License, it is for everyone who desires to fly their parachute better. Without a doubt one of the best videos we have ever created. Includes: Essential Flight Maneuvers: runtime 1 hour 23 minutes Crosswind Approaches SkydiVR Simulations: runtime 30 minutes Format: Download and/or Stream Purchase Video Here:


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    Landing off is an inseparable part of skydiving. Getting hurt is not. This valuable video discusses the many aspects of off DZ landings, from prevention to deciding where to land. Hundreds of details gleaned from Brian's 35 years of skydiving are your shortcut to safer, more confident skydiving. Includes: over 4 hours of Instructional Video! DZ UNKNOWN: 2 hours 23 minutes Bonus: Long Spot/High Wind Skydive VR Simulations: 21 minutes Aircraft Procedures and Spotting: 1 Hour 47 minutes Purchase Video Here:


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  11. OH WOW! That is exactly the same place I got my info from but I just realized that my numbers were for WHITE males and not all races. Good catch! Funny thing is if you select African American male, DC has the lowest life expectancy at 71. So if you are white and privlaged DC is the way to go but everyone else is hosed. Hawaii would be sweet if only you could bring all of your extended family and friends. Yikes about the CO thing. Wonder what the deal is with that! CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  12. I had a similar thought that all the greats of my youth are now getting towards the end of their lives. With the heavy drugs often associated with touring and stardom they are lucky if they make it close to the average life span of a US male which is currently around 76. Just fyi, life expectancy is greatly impacted by the US state in which you live. DC the highest at 82, WV the lowest at 72. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  13. That's a really great point in regards to the distraction of a team member having to manage the device. Since it's a device using GPS and not taking into consideration other canopy traffic it could pose a collision/entanglement issue. It would not even be able to see the other traffic. It's a huge under taking but still a very interesting project. It will definitely be neat to see where it goes. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  14. Bluefox

    Close call...

    This one might be fake but back in 2001 when I was a newbie I had a real close call. I had just deployed after a two way and I looked up and over to the other skydiver who was about 200 feet away from me (bad tracking back then) and then a single engine private plane literally flew in between us. It was 100 feet from me. I was a bit freaked out at the time but now a pilots license and 1000+ jumps later it down right pisses me off. Any pilot that can't be bothered to look at a sectional and either tune in or steer clear does not deserve a license. Wish I had know to get the tail numbers...OK that's my vent. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at
  15. It's an interesting idea though it would take a lot of work to make a robot that can effectively manage abrupt and extreme changes in air speed, loss of target or all the other craziness that could happen. A funnel out the door and the thing would be useless. Its like the whole unmanned car thing, it's fine under normal operating conditions but when a baby falls into the road will it know it's better to side swipe the car next to it rather than hit the child? The tech is definitely advancing but in my opinion it's not there yet and especially when it comes to split sec decision making. CANOPY COURSE Video Training with Brian Germain at